Wednesday, September 19, 2007

shiver me timbers

In case you missed it, today was International Talk Like A Pirate Day. September 19... Marrrk your calendar. I must confess that I enjoy this silliness.


I'm okay with the pirate jokes and stuff, but bear with me for a moment as I take this concept ad absurdum.


Picture this: Two hundred and fifty hears from now, someone will dress up a sweet little child like a gangsta thug. Sideways baseball cap, pants hanging ridiculously low, one hand clutches immodestly in front, while the other hand waves a pistol. There's lots of gold chains and drug paraphernalia... and all the grown-ups rave about how cute it all is.


How is this different from what we do with pirates?


And oh, what kind of pirate are you?


Little Pirates 1 by Emerald Lane.
You scored as Dread Pirate Roberts, Letting people thing you are a billy bad a** keeps you in business but when it comes down to it, you'll do the right thing every time. You are a good person at heart and just can't help being the hero.

Dread Pirate Roberts




Captain Jack Sparrow


Mary Read


Captain Barbosa


Long John Silvers


Captain James T. Hook


Morgan Adams


Black Beard


Will Turner

What kind of Pirate are you? created with


Anonymous said...

I think it is ok to dress up like a pirate if I knew it was "International Talk Like A Pirate Day." I would have dressed up like a pirate maybe Captian Jake Sparrow. I have a pirate joke for you.
What is the rating to Pirates of the Caribbean?
Give up!
Answer: rrrr


L.L. Barkat said...

Now there's an observation that got me laughing out loud. Truly, pirates were the criminals of the sea, and now we celebrate them. Who can fathom it?

jazzycat said...

The high school football team here where I live are the Pirates. I played for their biggest rival... the Bulldogs. Does Jazzy look like a pirate cat or what?

david mcmahon said...

I must be the token Aussie pirate.

You know, not the captain, just the ....


Craver Vii said...

Randy, did you follow the link to see what kind of pirate you are? I ended up being the Dread Pirate Roberts.

Yes LL, who can fathom it indeed. You clever lady.

Go Bulldogs! Ayye Jazzy Cat looks very much like a pirate.

Oh David, that's so bad. But you arrrr a writing captain, that's for sure!

Maalie said...

Good point, Craver VII.

I have written about Blaise Pascal on my blog - it might be controversial!

Pete Juvinall said...

Argh, methinks we will bust a cap in you scurvy dogs.

I think I might have missed talk like a pirate day :).

Unknown said...

I like swords...does that count? Oh. And I own a dagger!

Martin Stickland said...

Ha ha!

Love your idea about the blinging buccaneers (excuse speling misteaks)

Very funny!

Halfmom, AKA, Susan said...

What kind of Pirate are you?

You scored as a Sinbad

You are gifted with gab and can talk your way out of just about any situation. Very charming, but sometimes the charm gets you into trouble. The gods look on you fondly and sometimes through obstacles at you just to see how creative your solution is.

So, what do you think - am I Sinbad?

Fun post - and interesting perspective about the future - at least some parts or aspects of being a pirate can be romanticized - but what about being a gangsta can - so I just have a problem thinking they'll be immortalized in movies and have dress up day - besides, its so hard already to resist just one innaproriate tug on the seat of the pants - what an uproar at church that would cause!!!

Ted M. Gossard said...

Good ones, Craver. I don't understand this pirate stuff for the life of me. Started to take the test, but I don't know enough to do so. I fail a test like that, in which there is no passing or failing. But I did it.

Why are pirates romanticized like they are? Certainly it was a life of high adventure and all about gain from what I think I know.

Anonymous said...

Oh, man, I thought Sinbad was a comedian. I didn't know he was a pirate, too!

Interesting observation on the future, though.

Unknown said...

Blackbeard. I scored a Blackbeard pirate. (Is that a bad thing??) :)

Craver Vii said...

Mental note:
owns a dagger...

Mary said...

I scored a tie...75% for both Mary Read and Jack Sparrow. So I think I'll be Pirate Mary with Jack Sparrow as a husband. Wes tells me to dream on. So unsupportive.

Anyway, here's my description:
"You are very unconventional, you defy the rules as often as you can and like to take as many risks as possible. You will probably end up living happily under a bridge somewhere laughing at all the unsavory deeds you once instigated."

So apparently at the end of it all, I'll be homeless. Interesting.