Wednesday, October 31, 2007

places i've been

Join me on a trek from the past. We will begin in 1977...


30 years ago. Let's see... I was 12. Sixth Grade. Confirmation (Roman Catholic) Mom and Dad owned an apartment building with a nice parkway right in front. That's where we used to play. My brother who is one year younger used to always beat me at a two-man version of baseball we concocted. Except of course, when Patrick could come out. Patrick had kind of a high pitched voice. He was a white kid, but we got along anyway, even though I did not really have any friends.


20 years ago. Mrs. Craver and I were planning our upcoming nuptials. By now I had gotten over the false assumption that all white people hated all Hispanics. A lot of things were different from when I was little. Not the least of which was that a year before this, I had become a new creation by the grace through faith!


10 years ago. I was 32. My youngest son had not been born yet, and my oldest daughter was still living with us. (She's married now.) I weighed 140 lbs and could crank out 12 or more chin-ups.


This was a fairly painless meme. Any takers?


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Unknown said...

Yeah-painless for those of us that can remember anything! My brain left me a while back. :)

30 years ago: I was one year old, lived in a round house, and (according to my mother) liked to play with an old teapot.

20 years ago: I was 11 years old, enjoyed reading such books as the Narnia Chronicles, the Lord of the Rings, Princess and Curdie, and the Archives of Anthropos.

10 years ago: I was married for 1 year, miscarried my first child, moved to Alberta, and let God hang on to me since I didn't have strength to hang on to Him any longer.

And now I'm a writer/quilter/gardener/homeschooling mother who has a slightly warped sense of humor and is immensly greatful to God for never letting me go.

Anonymous said...

30 years ago, would put me in the middle of my 3rd year of college. I had claimed Christ for 4 years. That year was the wildest and most miserable year of my life.

I was living an increadible 75 minutes from home. That was close to the edge of the universe. (I grew up in a town you could walk across in 20 minutes from it's farthest points.) I went home twice that year because it was so far away. Little did I know that 20 years later I would drive almost twice that far every day getting to and from work.

20 years ago my wife and I had been married 3 years with 2 diapered 'arrows' in my quiver. I was still a 'big bang' 'science' enthusiast. The dreams of my high school & college years were near death. The absolute worst years of our marriage were still 3 years away. ALSO, it would be another 5 years before we pick a dog out of an animal shelter that would bite one of my best friends in the crotch. That dog died this year a very old doggy.

10 years ago my quiver was almost as full as it was going to get. I had the best job that I had ever had. In 5 years that job would evaporate. I, too, could do some serious chin ups then, and I was older than you.

Physically, my best years are behind me. Legacy wise, I pray that I've hardly started. Looking over my shoulder I see many years spent foolishly. I pray for wisdom and courage for the balance of my life this side of eternity.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a fun meme. Will be cool to see how far it reaches, and when it comes back to us. I did it on my Stewardship Blog a couple weeks ago in case you're interested.

Thanks for sharing a little Craver-history!

Llama Momma said...

I read this post three times before I noticed the sign. Oh, you are funny!!

I was tagged on this one a few times...but looking back isn't as easy for some of us. Of course, I could always take up fiction writing...

L.L. Barkat said...

Llama! Thanks for pointing that out. Very, very amusing.

Now, Craver, 140 pounds? You probably shouldn't say that around women who've carried children (ie., been "expecting") with more than that in tow.

Craver Vii said...

The picture of the sign is just small enough to make the joke subliminal. Good catch, LM!

donsands said...

30 years - 4 years married, and working for $100 a week selling rugs. Totally without Christ.

20 years - Still married by the grace of God to a gracious and forgiving wife, and 3 years with Christ.

10 years - Started my own business with 2 partners in aluminum gutters and spouts. Had no idea what I was doing, but God surely did bless it.

It's good to look back and see how the Lord was watching out for you, even when you had no idea who He was, because you were drowning in sin, and couldn't have cared less.

What a Savior we have!

Like the sign Craver. I loved the cheeze cake at Big Boy.

Pete Juvinall said...

O.k., this is pretty fun.

30 years ago - I was five, learning to write my name and quite enjoyed naptime in Kindergarten.

20 years ago - I was a sophmore in High School, figuring out how to drive, and scared to death of needing to get out on the highway (outside our high school).

10 years ago - I was planning to take my girlfriend to a concert in Ohio to ask her to be my wife. I was also about to enter the deep cavern known as a thesis.

Martin Stickland said...

Ten years ago I was twenty! (and I still told lies then!)

Hope you are well my friend!

Lin said...

I'll be darned - you're just about the same age as my favorite nephew.
Great sneaky sign change!

Craver Vii said...

(peering intently) ...Auntie Lin??

Anonymous said...

Ten years ago I was young and good looking.

Big Boy, yum

orneryswife said...

I'm a little late to your meme, but here goes. First of all, I LOVED Bob's Big Boy as a little girl -- back in the 60's before McDonalds.

30 years ago, I had just graduated from high school in Arizona, moved to Tulsa and begun attending ORU. I met the man of my dreams.

20 years ago, we moved back to the US after a 2.5 year "tour of duty" on Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. We had a 7 year old and a one year old at this time. I began homeschooling.

10 years ago, full time SAHM, homeschooler, volunteer in a variety of capacities. Still married to the man of my dreams. Started having issues with the oldest.

Today, empty nest, married to the man of my dreams, mom to a bossy dog, and happily blogging my days away.
Thanks for the fun!