Thursday, December 06, 2007


Check out these two mistakes experiments. Gone are the simple days of point & shoot. Whether programming the camera's settings, or doctoring the results afterwards, there is so much that can be done to modify the end result. I suppose it is a lot like cooking, and these are examples of two flavors. They're both delightful, though neither one turned out as I originally expected.


Both were taken minutes apart, but we have a spicy cinnamon (reddish hue) that happened when I used the "twilight +" program. Slowcooking gave us the other one, with more realistic colors, but I added a little salt and pepper afterwards. That is to say, that I turned off the fully automatic program, but adjusted for a longer setting, which resulted in a more true-to-life flavor (color).


Minutes ago, I smelled cinnamon and thought how much more I like it on cold days like today. It's 21 degrees outside, but the windchill makes it feel like 11. That's fahrenheit. The celsius conversions are -6/-12. It's not just cold, but snowy too. We expect more snow to fall this evening. Staying with the food theme, I love the way this sugar frosting is generously covering everything right now.


The oak tree experiments were taken from our Thanksgiving trip to Kentucky.


Martin Stickland said...

Love these two shots!

Sorry my friend, I still have you pressie here and I will send it soon.

Hope you are well!

Unknown said...

I love the yellow one-it looks like you have both night and night going on in the same shot!

Craver Vii said...

The cinnamon one looks kinda like the tree's on fire, doesn't it?

23 degrees said...

What, yes? said, "21 degrees!"

Craver, great to see you having so much fun making pictures! We had a sprayed-on snow look coating the trees this morning (because of the humidity.) Love it!

Isadora said...

don't you love it! I've a great photo program that allows me to play with 'recipes' :) enjoy

Craver Vii said...

Funny, 23-D. Did anyone ever tell you you're a little tilted? Where are you living now? The Midwest? If so, whereabout? For some reason, I was thinking you were in the south-western Pacific. Maybe it was a dream, I dunno.

What's this?? There is a spot on the map that just lit up for Hungary... how excellent! Welcome, Isadora. Thanks for the encouragement. I stopped by to check out some of your pictures. I like the picture you took of a window that looked like a double-exposure.

Pete Juvinall said...

The reddish one is almost oppresive :). It makes me want to hide.

L.L. Barkat said...

The reddish one reminds me a little of the photo collage of Gail's that's up on my current post. Isn't it fun to be able to mix up whatever you like?

Oh, and you promised me snow. And you've kept your promise. It's falling. Falling fast.

23 degrees said...

Craver, tilted, yep...that's my, um, halo.

I came to the great lakes area from six yrs in TX, via four years in CA

Lovin' the snow!!

Again, cool photos, bro.

Anonymous said...

The orangish one seems more about the background, the other more about the tree. Funny the different emphasis.

I love your experiments. As you suggested a couple of weeks ago, I finally posted a picture of my Christmas light display on my house. I guess you could say it's an experiment too!

Shammickite said...

I like the yellowy one best.
It's snowing here, and I'm still in my jammies, and it's after noon.

Craver Vii said...

We don't want you to hide, Pete. Are those mini CD's you're holding in that picture? What are they from?

I thought the same thing too, LL. Gail does such fantastic work. She produces beautiful paintings. I had never seen her work before finding it on your blog, so thanks for that.

Halo 23? Sounds good; let's roll with that.

I took a peek at those pictures, Charity. They're perfect!

Oh, Shammy. I can only sleep in on an occasional Saturday, but that is so nice when you can get it, eh? Mmmm... the morning after a cool night, I'll leave my hair a mess, don a robe and slippers, and brew some strong coffee, sipping it while checking on the kids. But they won't be found in their rooms Saturday morning... that's when they get up early to watch cartoons.