Tuesday, February 05, 2008

book marked

Tagged by LL Barkat and Pete Juvinall.


Pick up the nearest book

(of at least 123 pages).

Open the book to page 123.

Find the fifth sentence.

Post the next three sentences.

Tag five people.


Page 123 was the start of a new chapter. It began with a poem and had a lot of white space. The fifth sentence was on the following page.


Worst of all, I watched as his loving communication slipped farther and farther away.


There was a time when he had greeted me with a happy smile saying jubilantly to the nurse, "Well, look who's here!" Or, "There she is!" But now his words were few, his eyed more shadowed and his manner alternately withdrawn and extremely restless.


from Also My Journey by M. A. Atkins (p. 124)


This is a second-hand book that someone put on a giveaway table. I picked it up because my dad and I were just talking about Alzheimer's that weekend. I think there is a possibility that I may end up taking that journey. My parents are fine for now, but who knows...


Now, who to tag... 23 Degrees, imac, Mrrrr, Ornery by Nature and Ozlady.


imac said...

Hi Craver vll, Hope you wont be offended, but Ive had so many Tags that I decided not to do any more Tags, hope you will forgive me and im sorry.

Craver Vii said...

There is no offense, my friend. I hope at least that the mention will lure one or two to visit your fascinating blog.

How's the steak?

L.L. Barkat said...

A hard journey to be sure. Perhaps harder for those left standing in the road, watching the one who has begun walking off the shoulder and on out into the fields, aimlessly.

orneryswife said...

Oooh. Ornery's first tag! How fun is that? Well, actually, I think I may have tagged him, but his standard answer is "I don't do surveys." End of MY tag... TM

Mary said...

Just completed the post! :)