Monday, April 07, 2008


This time, we have a collage from three separate events last week, but now, there is actually a unifying theme! Feel free to group recent miscellaneous remainder shots to share YOUR leftovers and please insert my link in your post.

Oh, deer!

Have any of you seen the movie Enchanted? I cracked up at the idea of bringing the land of make-believe to the streets of New York. Among other things, the movie shows how the cute, furry and feathered friends in the animal kingdom are loyal and devoted to the sweet princess. My whole family laughed heartily as they turned a walk through central park into a Disney musical number.


Last week was my week for enchanted animals. I felt like I was an extra in a Bambi remake. Deer sightings, bunnies and birds, oh my! They weren't exactly spellbound, but they did abound, nonetheless!


More animal news: On Friday, someone acknowledged receiving something from me on Facebook, but didn't know whether to accept it, because it was unclear who the "lion" was. Do you see the Facebook image in my sidebar? That's not a lion; it's a cartoon beast from a breakfast cereal. It is known for its cravings.


I was hoping to use Facebook to draw more traffic to Blogger. Funny thing... I have added Facebook "friends" from Blogger, but I do not know if I have even one extra Blogger comment because of Facebook. Maybe I should stick to luring cute garden varmints.


dot said...

I enjoy your leftovers and I'll try to participate soon.

Jennwith2ns said...

Re: fb--yeah, I don't think anybody reads or finds or sees my blog on facebook at all. Except for one of the high school girls I have Bible-study with. But she comments directly on facebook

Daniel J Santos said...

Excellent photo collection, well done.

Anonymous said...

This is a great collage ... as for the house, don´t you ever forget my friend that one's home is one's castle!

Craver Vii said...

That’s great, Dot. I enjoy your pictures so much; I’d hate to see you leaf any behind. ;-)

Jenn, I sent you a Speed Racing application on “fb,” but you did not add that application… It’s just the most fun racing game EVER!!!!

Facebook has been useful to remind me of birthdays and to heckle my siblings, but again, I haven’t seen it do anything to impact Blogger, and I’m afraid to let it suck me into a colossal time-wasting vortex. Vroom, vroom!

Thanks, Daniel. Leftovers will usually be random selections, and I will probably do them on Tuesdays (Chicago time).

Oi, Q-tino! Every time I point out a large house to my wife, she reminds me that those “castles” are a lot of work to clean and maintain. I’m happy for my regular home, and that I do not have to maintain a huge lawn and pull thousands and thousands of dandelions.

Anonymous said...


Kerri Farley said...

Oh I do Like this collage!!

orneryswife said...

I have a bunny you can have--it darts out from my patio and zips across the lawn when I least expect it. I am pretty sure it is some sadistic form of aerobic activity I get each time I step outside with the dog!