Tuesday, May 20, 2008


It rained so hard on Thursday's drive to Kentucky that the reduced visibility was frightening. Literally. There's nothing like fear to get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping and put you in full alert status. We made it down there without any trouble, and we did not have any problems with rain at Friday's graduation.


Being confident of warmer weather, I did not pack a sweater or spring jacket. That was not wise. The graduation was held outdoors, and there was a cool mist in the air that had thousands of us shivering.


My son-in-law's family picked a seating area that they felt would be good for taking pictures, because it was near one of the main aisles. They offered the end, so that I could get up and get better shots, but I declined, because I would really have to get way up close or use a tripod to get the kind of photograph that deserves preferential treatment.


Pop! What's this?? Oh, I can't believe it. Two rows in front of us, a couple opened up a golf umbrella. There was a lot of moisture in the air, but no real precipitation. If you've ever sat behind a cowboy's "ten gallon" or "big hat lady," this was worse! Those white banner-type things with a coat of arms marked each end of the stage. As you can see from my photo, ALL of the people on-stage were COMPLETELY blocked off! I chuckled, but did not say anything right away, because until the program began, I didn't really need to see the stage.


They put the gi-normous umbrella away as soon as commencement... er, commenced. :-)


I'll have more photos and stories later, but my parting thought: It was a looooong time to be sitting out there without being properly dressed for the weather. Brrrr... I had my youngest son on my lap with my arms around him. That helped (both of us).


Shammickite said...

seems like it's been cold and damp and rainy and otherwise not very springlike all over the continent.... well, our side of it anyway. I heard it's 109 in Ariizona.

Craver Vii said...

I'd rather have extreme cold than extreme heat, that's for sure! I tend to get headaches as my brain sizzles under a scorching sun. When I went to the Philippines (summer '05), it was during the rainy season; that was a nice break!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, that umbrella !

You chuckled ?? I would have growled. Ha Ha....