Monday, June 02, 2008

dinner is served

This photograph was taken a week ago in front of a friend's house. It was just minutes after the lenscap photo I posted on the 27th. Talk about being at the right place at the right time!!


I couldn't see exactly what this robin was feeding them, but supposing it was worms, I'll use that to make a leap to talk about fishing (because worms = bait).


I took the older son fishing last night, and I STILL haven't caught anything, but this time was different from all the other times, because these fish were biting. They just weren't getting hooked is all. I wish I had an underwater camera to show me exactly what was going on. These fish were aggressively going after one type of lure that comes in a plastic ziplock bag. Taste's great/less filling. They would bite and give a couple of tugs on my line and then spit it out. So I kept telling my son, "Got one... nevermind."


Maybe I'm using the wrong size hook or inserting it wrong in the bait. I'm going to visit Bass Pro Shop soon to look at their commercial lures and see if I can get an idea of what to do.


Most importantly though, my son said he had a good time. I'm really glad. I hope this memory will last for him.


dot said...

I wish you could hook up with a fisherman who would take you out and teach you the ropes. I remember as a kid fishing with my daddy and another man. The one man would always catch the most and he would tell me I just didn't hold my mouth right. lol. I think the important thing is that you and your son are doing something together.
Really nice shot of the birds!

donsands said...

Nice pic. I believe Robins only eat worms.
They have to get up early though. Because ...

Peter didn't catch any fish a couple times. So you're in good company.

lime said...

that is a most impressive photo, sir!

Craver Vii said...

Me too, Dot. I do have a friend who I went with a couple of times. He knows more than I do, and it's cool, because it's not just us two dads--we bring our kids with us, and they love it.

Thanks for your encouragement with that photo. I was very happy with the sharpness seen in the reflection off of the bird's eye. I did not use flash, and this bird was kind enough to hold perfectly still for the pose. Autofocus was turned off for this one.

Nabeel said...

aww this is cute. I have always been very fond of birds. Bird's nest reminds us of our homes as well, many spend a lot building it, making a house a home.

It's actually a blessing if a bird makes a nest in your house. It brings good will to your home.