Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sky Watch Friday!

Little Orphan Annie
Last Sunday the sun was out and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. (That's a double fallacy, because I'm implying that there are times when the sun is not out, and surely you know that there are always clouds in the sky... just not always directly over me.) Click here if you want to participate in Sky Watch Friday. You post a sky-related photo, submit your link at the host's blog, and comment at a bunch of sky photos, meanwhile, you will probably get new visitors to your own blog. It's a weekly thing, so you don't have to commit to doing this all the time. I won't submit link information this week, because I'm going away and won't be able to respond to the links and comments.


Anyway, I digress. This is the Japanese Maple in my backyard. I guess I wasn't expecting to see anything so brightly red until fall, so it really caught my eye. The tree's name is "Annie" because the former owner planted it as an anniversary gift. The previous owners are great people, friends of mine, and I think of them often. We actually have their family photo on our refrigerator at the Craver residence.


About this convention that we will be attending all day Friday and Saturday. It is the Illinois Christian Home Educators' annual big deal, and it's going to be held in Naperville, which is the town right next to mine! My wife wanted to homeschool our children, but my concerns were not resolved until I attended my first ICHE convention some time around the turn of the century. (I'm not good at dates.) We (my wife and I) are not the type who say that homeschooling is right for everyone, but personally, I think it's the best thing we've done for our kids. What do YOU think about the idea of home education? Feel free to dialog among yourselves until I get back.


L.L. Barkat said...

Well, I'm biased. Because I home educate. :) So I think it's a great thing. A gift. Do I think it's for everyone? No. Then again, aren't we all home educators at some level?

Anonymous said...

Great photo and a very interesting photo!

dot said...

I love the red leaves against that pretty blue sky. Annie sure had a nice anniversary gift!
My husband is a retired teacher and doesn't like the idea of home schooling. He says they don't get enough socializing. I say just the opposite in most cases. The home schooled kids I've known have been very unusual kids and don't seem like they have missed anything.

Craver Vii said...

Thanks, Dot. Actually, I kept the couple's names private. Annie is the name they gave the tree.

I think I understand how your husband feels, and that's very common. Socialization was my biggest reservation, and ironically, the least founded of my concerns. Sitting still and being quiet when they're being lectured by the teacher at a 30:1 ratio, and forming a straight, single file line, and the playground's Darwinesque establishment of social order is not better (imho) than a more favorable ratio at home, where the dialoging teacher loves the student more than anyone else in the world, and adapts the program to suit the child's specific needs. Additionally, a good homeschooling program will naturally equip the child to progress from dependence to interdependence without getting stuck in either of the first two stages (dependence & independence). They learn to function in a mixed group, respecting the older ones and serving the younger ones. Books have been written on this stuff, and I'll stop now before I type out a whole manuscript in one comment. :-) Anyway, it took a bit of listening before I was ready to accept it for my own family.

Craver Vii said...

That's Annie-- for annie-versary.

Carletta said...

WOW - now that pops!

I love these maples - we planted one at the very first house we had - I still miss it.
I might need to take a second look at that plum in my yard though!

Have a wonderful and safe idea!
I was a public school teacher; however, I think home schooling done right can be very rewarding for parent and child. It takes a lot of time, patience, organization, and love which I'm sure you and your wife have.
Here's hoping you have a wonderful weekend.

SandyCarlson said...

This red is so rich! Beautiful shot. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

I'm biased too, but home education is the best thing for my boys, one especially. It's a choice we all have to make for our own families, and though I would encourage home education, I wouldn't say everyone should do it. It can be hard if your heart isn't in it

San said...

That's such a gorgeous red, Craver. And the perspective is interesting too.

Homeschooling--I considered it with my own kids, but I wanted to be able to work at our business a lot and so I decided against it. Our kids grew up to be very good people and confident, individual thinkers. And I've known homeschooled children who were very successful too. Each family has to go with what feels right for them, and be willing to change courses if the current route doesn't seem to be working. My two cents.

orneryswife said...

The first State Homeschooling Convention I attended featured Dr. Raymond Moore. You don't see his stuff much anymore, but I loved his words: Any loving parent who can read, count and write their ABC's can homeschool. What that said to me was, no amount of personal inadequacy would keep me from giving my children a quality education. I learned way more than the kids ever did, although they are certainly well educated and functioning adults. I also was forced to grow personally, and overcome many of my own character flaws. It was good for us on many levels.

I always laugh at the idea that homeschooled kids are not socialized enough. Most of the families I know now or was acquainted with during our years of HS'ing, were so busy socializing, it was hard to fit in the academics!

My favorite aspect of it, though, was the relationships built within the family, and the fact that my kids are comfortable with all ages and all types of people. They learned responsibility, and a strong work ethic, better than almost any public or privately educated student I have come in contact with, and years after they graduated, their employers are still amazed at the quality of work they produce.

I am not sure they got as much academically as they might have in some of the area college prep schools, but it doesn't seem to have hurt them any!

imac said...

Great shot Craver, love the contrast in colour.So many to see and visit these days lol.

Come travel back in time with me.

Anonymous said...

beautiful leaves, nice shot!

i am thinking of homeschooling my daughter that is just finishing up 5th grade at public school.

my husband is wanting to see how i do with it this summer. i also would like to see that. i think it could be good for both me and my daughter at this point. that is, if i do not have major problems with anxiety and depression creep up on me.

i see the sun along with blue sky and fluffy clouds today. a lot of moisture from the sky this spring, so the sunny sky is welcome here today.

Anonymous said...

by the way...what are some recomended books?

Craver Vii said...

Nancy, I suppose I could offer a critique on a number of books, but on what? A practical how to get started? Pros and cons... why would anyone want to do this? What kind of curriculum should you pick? What about children with special needs? What does the law say about what I want to do? Etc...

The best recommendation would be to connect with other local home educators... perhaps a "support group." Here, in Illinois, we have the Illinois Christian Home Educators, who will point people to local support groups. Maybe you have someone in your state who is willing and able to do a similar thing. I would be happy to continue this conversation via email, and if anybody else has specifics like this you want to know about, you're welcome to shoot an email to me as well.

L.L. Barkat said...

Just stopped by to say you can call off the search party for M Goodyear (if you go to his blog, you'll see what I mean. :) (I thought you should know I talked about you there.)

Lilli & Nevada said...

Great shot. still trying to catch up to Sky watch friday