Monday, July 14, 2008

morning dew

Immediately after rolling out of the sack on Saturday morning, I opened our front door and was greeted by eutopian weather. Not too hot, not too cold. It rained overnight. A mild breeze pushed it's way through the screen. I filled my lungs with a long draw or two of the morning's perfect air. Aaaah...


There was a soggy newspaper smack-dab in the middle of the driveway. Hmmm, that would be the spanish one that I never read. It usually has a tacky hoochie-momma on the front cover. No thanks; I'll take it to the recycling bin right away.


Normally, I don't go anywhere without socks and shoes, but right now, I'll fetch the newspaper just as I am. Bedhead, pj's (shorts) and I probably have crusty eyes, but who cares. Tiptoeing slowly, I feel every little twig and pebble under my sensitive city-boy feet. I'm sure I look ridiculous, but nobody's out to take notice.


Yup. I was right, and the newspaper is thoroughly drenched! It's remarkably heavy for it's size. That's all the water of course. Next, I yank the few sprouts emerging from the roots of our honey locust. Man, these weeds don't ever quit! The lawn needs cutting, but right now, I just enjoy the cool wetness of the incredibly soft, fine fescue. It will be pure pleasure as long as I watch where I step, because my eyes spy some robust thistle, waiting for an ambush. Not today Spike, I see you!


I take a moment to remember those who I said I would pray for. It appears that the flowers this morning shed tears of sympathy. The tears of my friends are real. God knows their need and I trust Him, however He chooses to answer.


The wet grass and gentle breeze was nice, but as I wipe my feet inside the front door I notice someone is toasting cinnamon bread. That's worthy of another deep breath!


Every Square Inch said...

I love the fresh air but it's hard to compete with cinnamon bread

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed this bit of life sharing. thanks.

Shammickite said...

Nice description of waking up to a damp morning.
But really Craver, you still wear those Star Wars Pyjamas?????

dot said...

You said it all very well. Nice post!

Lavinia said...

I think you've described a perfect morning here. And most poetically. Very well done indeed.

Craver Vii said...

No kidding, ESI. That is yummy when we have it, but it goes soooooo fast!

Thank you, NaNcY. I enjoyed putting the experience to words, but it wouldn't be much without my friends reading it. You give me such a boost!

I didn't think you could see my jammies from that far North, Shammy. Can I tell you a secret? My wife got some Grinch flanels for me. They're my favorite. Shhhh...

Dot and Lavinia, your comments are encouraging. Maybe I should write more. I have lots of stories about how bad my siblings were, and the trouble they would get themselves into. Just kidding... I'm getting ready for a family reunion this week, and if I had such stories, this would be bad timing. They might read it and try to get revenge. ;-)

lime said...

in spite of the drenched paper it sounds liek every other part of the morning was a beautiful start. ahhh, the pause that refreshes.

Anonymous said...

Lovely descriptions, and I love the dripping lily.