Wednesday, July 09, 2008

raptor rapsody

Dear friends, whilst reading yesterday's post, L.L. Barkat asked whether I was going to add bird watching to fishing as a pastime. Birds fascinate me... their ultralight skeletal structure, lung system, unique beauty, the way they find a lofty perch and catch spectacular views, and of course their ability to fly. I could go on, and on about why I like to observe birds! But I do not think I could develop a serious birdwatching hobby at the present, because of a couple things. First, there is the question of time. What would I cut into, to make time for birdwatching? (shudder) Second, I have a cheap pair of binoculars, and a book for identifying birds at home, but it would be so much easier if I went with someone who could "show me the ropes."


Enter Billy, the seagull. He talks. I knew that some of you would be skeptical about the talking thing, which is why I provided photographic evidence.


Billy knows a lot about fishing, and said that he could also show me where to look for birds, plus he has an insider's wealth of bird-knowledge. Can you believe my luck?!


Daryl said...

I think he was saying: "Craver .. back away or I am going to ..."


Andrea said...

Looks like it is strutting around complaining about something.

lime said...

he looks like he is barking orders.

Anonymous said...

he really does look like he could be singing.

dot said...

Since YOU can't catch a fish maybe HE can! lol

Shammickite said...

I take birdwatching very seriously.
For instance, during breakfast.
I munch my toast and marmalade WHILST balancing a pair of binoculars aimed at the bird feeder in the back yard.
Birdwatching with all the comforts of home. In fact, IT IS home!

Craver Vii said...

Very perceptive of you Daryl, Andrea and Lime. There was another seagull nearby who couldn't talk and I had similar thoughts. But this guy Billy here, he was a gabby chum, and I was lucky to get a shot off where he didn't talk with his mouth full. He had kind of a Jersey accent, and seemed eager to be helpful. Unfortunately, I didn't see him the last time I went out fishing.

You know Nancy, for a moment I thought he was humming, but it was something else. Oops!

Don't you know it, Dot! Maybe he can watch for their locations from overhead. Or if he sees what the other fishermen do that works... Oh, by the way, I just came from fishing with S2 this evening, and I caught one!!!

Shammy, now that our dogs have scared off the squirrels, we may have a chance to see some activity from feeders. My Mrs. bought a new finch feeder that I need to hang, and we will need to get rid of the fake owl, 'cause that tends to keep the little birds away. If I remove a screen, maybe I can get a clear photo some time.

Did you like how I tossed in the whilst? Thanks for volleying it back. ;-)

lorenzothellama said...

I know a bit about birdwatching having been brought up with a Maalie! I wish I knew more and how to identify songs. When I am in different countries and see a strange bird I wish I had Maalie with me to identify it for me. When I was in Peru recently I was lucky enough to have an ornothologist guide and he helped me tremendously and learnt so much more about birds.
I think it would be worth giving up a bit of time to learn but it is deciding exactly what to give up.
Of course birds talk as do plants, cats and dogs.

Anonymous said...

LOL I love the picture!