Wednesday, July 30, 2008

soul siblings

We held an Arts Festival with all kind of exhibits on Saturday. I entered my photographs. Among the artistic expressions was another church's choir, praise team, and worship dancers. Some of their expression may be a little different, but our bond through Christ runs deep, and this is my family, who I will share the rest of eternity with. Think about that... my blood kin will be my family for a few decades, but my church family throughout the planet, those before me and those to come, these will be my brothers and sisters forever!


I generally don't care for interpretive dance. I'm not condemning it as wrong, or anything like that... it's just not my cup of tea, that's all. But now that I have the disclaimer out of the way, let me say that I found this very interesting, and even exciting. They artistically, and effectively communicated the ideas of their songs. I hope I recognize some of these church people at the grocery store or local parks. I would love to continue the sweet fellowship that began on such a high note.


Then on Sunday, we had another multicultural moment. This lady got baptized. She is from Haiti, and does not speak English. She spoke in French or Creole (I couldn't tell which) through a translator.


She has a sad episode in her past. Many years ago, she was a single mom. She joined a church and wanted to be baptized. After 6 months of preparation, she was finally told by her old pastor, that they would NOT baptize her until she was married. I don't have all the facts, but that doesn't sound right to me.


Wanna hear something cool? This lady from Haiti faithfully attends my English-speaking church every week. Like I said, she does not understand the words, but participates as much as she can, and then hears the message for the first time, when her son translates the sermon at home for family devotions on Sunday nights.


imac said...

Nice post Craver, its great when people from all around the world join together, if it was left to the people I dont think there would be wars?

Thanks for your kind words and comments.

Jules~ said...

This is a very nice and encouraging post. I like what you said about our blodd family being family for a few decades but church family being an eternity. The story about the Hatian woman being so dedicated to her love and craving for God and being around like minded people is very inspiring. I am so glad that she did not carry a permanant scar from the other church with man rules instead of God filled guidance.

Craver Vii said...

You know what I think, Imac? If this world were filled with people just like me... We'd STILL be in a heap of a mess! Our sin problem permeates and corrupts everything. The greatest benefit in heaven will be our untainted relationship with God, but our perfect relationships with one another... that's nothing to sneeze at either, eh?

Until Sunday, I didn't know the whole story about that churchmate. I have a new respect for her, even though I had already held her in high regard. Praise God for his healing, Jules.