Monday, October 27, 2008

attention: Craver or attention craver

I was asked to do announcements for church this weekend. Here's how it works, there is a page called the flow, indicating who is doing what and when. My part was early, after a certain choral piece. I like to keep things moving, and be standing on the platform as the song ends. Seamless transitions. Really people! Is that so hard to do?


First, I arrived early. Real early.

Aisle seat. Check.

Handheld wireless mic. Check.

Mic switches turned "on." Check.

Announcement paperwork. Check.


Hmmm... I saw that this time I could use the podium instead of standing in an open space. Good; I like that. The song they were singing didn't match the song I was supposed to go after. That's okay; I'll continue to get ready while I wait for it. I have plenty of time for my cue. I re-read my "script," because I wanted to do this as smooth as possible. I just hate to be a distraction, you know?


Then I heard my name. "Paging Mr. Craver... Mr. Craver, you are needed at the podium." The director leaned over the sound booth and paged me to step up to the platform. Oblivious to the change in our program, I missed my smooth entrance. Everybody was laughing. Good thing I hadn't done this in front of a lot of people... except that (gulp) our service is carried over a local television station.


mommanator said...

O Craver, you forgot one thing! Just do it for the glory of GOd and you cant miss even if things go awry

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Good one!

Enjoyed the angles from your flower post too...

lime said...

lol, coulda been worse.

your fly could have been down
you could have sneezed a giant snot onto the podium
you could have fallen on your way to the podium

and hey, you got blog fodder out of it, right? hehehe

Craver Vii said...

Soli Deo Gloria, Mommanator. To God be the glory; all and only for Him.

Thanks Maryann. You should see my snow angles. Oh wait, that's angels, isn't it? Forgive me for being obtuse.

Oh great! Thanks for planting the seed, Lime! Next time I get up there, I'll be so self conscious that, nervously writhing, I'll turn into a useless polyp, and they'll have to sweep me off to the side.

Did you say "fodder?" (Scuba breathing imitation) "Luke, I AM your fodder!"

becky aka theRAV said...

Opps! I think I have been calling you Carver all this time! Oh my! LOL Sorry.

Louise said...

It sounds like you took it pretty well. What else is there to do, though?

As for scripture, I agree. I love reading it. It's got some stories to top any novel, and the rest IS like a letter.