Tuesday, October 14, 2008

praying in secret

Hey, that's some stealthy camouflage, Mr. Mantis!


I like to tell people that I'm praying for them. Not just thinking nice thoughts for someone, but when I say it, I mean that I seriously intend to exercise supplication to the Lord on their behalf. Often, I will stop right then and there to pray, so that I don't forget later.


Didn't Jesus teach his followers to pray in secret? Why? Some people were using prayer as a means to show off. There is more to public prayer than pharisaic piety and warm fuzzies. The big reason I like to tell people how I'm interceding for them is so that God would be glorified. When God does a thing, He should get the credit for it. It's as simple as that.


Oh, back to camouflage... have you ever seen pink camo? What's the deal with that?!


Carletta said...

When someone in blogland needs prayer I too like to do that right then. I don't want to comment that I will and not do it because I forget.
How did you see this guy?

I LIKE pink cameo - I have a pink cameo baseball hat from Bass Pro!

Ted M. Gossard said...

I like your photo of the praying mantis. Quite a camouflage.

Yes, I too like to pray right away. Somehow that sometimes gets me started in praying for someone, though sadly too many times, at least I did pray for them by praying for them there.

dot said...

Nice shot Craver! When someone online wants prayer I stop and do it right then. I have a terrible memory. Sometimes I make a prayer list also.

Craver Vii said...

Carletta, D2 has a pink camo thing, and I think it looks cute on her, but that doesn't mean it makes any sense. I've seen camo Bible covers too. It's so silly.

Ted, Hiya Bro!!! I never would have found that mantis in that environment, except that he was someplace else first, and I followed him, trying to get a focused image... then he turned his head. What a beaute!

Prayer lists. Yeah Dot, I never leave it to memory in prayer meetings; I always use a list. I can't understand how some folks never use them.

lime said...

impressive catch there.

i know it's an encouragement to me when someone offers to pray with or for me. if i think someone will not be resistant i offer to pray with them too, otherwise i do so privately on their behalf.