Monday, December 29, 2008

monastic holiday

The Craver clan gave me the first season (DVD set) of one of my favorite television shows. I have only seen it a few times, because the TV people didn't arrange their program around my schedule, but I still caught enough to know that I would like it a lot.


It's the story about a genius detective whose personal issues are so bad that the needs a personal nurse, just to make it through a regular day. His obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is not always a weakness, because it causes him to notice important things that no one else pays attention to.


I don't have OCD, but I think (at some level) I can understand some of the character's feelings.


I looked forward to watching a few episodes over the long weekend. Disc one, episode one... I watched most of it, but I had to run an errand. When I came back, they had a whole other episode on the screen. They apparently didn't see the irony in tampering with the sequence in "OCD-world." (Please tell me that makes sense to you.) I got over it. We watched a few episodes together.


Holidays can be hectic times, but this year, we were virtually cloistered. We didn't travel far or host anyone from far away. Our weather was so bizarre... heavy snow, then sub-zero, then pouring rain, then soupy fog, then solid ice, then thawed... I didn't care to venture outside unless I absolutely had to! Instead of building a snow man I stayed inside, tinkered with the camera, and took pictures of a snow man.


lime said...

bwahahaha...i have trouble finding when monk is on too but the few episodes i've caught have been a hoot.


Shoebee said...

I have quite a bit of Monk in me.

I just thought you would like to know about grannies ramblings aka mommanator..(my mom) her husband, my dad died last night.

Please keep us in your prayers

Craver Vii said...

Mommanator mentions her "great husband" in her profile. Shoebee posted a short, but loving tribute to that man (her dad). His legacy is inspirational.

Monk's most extreme behavior (Yes, I'm aware that it's fictional, but still...) was triggered by the death of his wife. His love for her did not stop when she was gone.

One thing I like about that show is the tenderness and great value he attaches to everything about her. I saw one episode, where he takes her pillow out of his closet. It is carefully preserved in clear plastic. He opens it, and hugging the pillow, he breathes in deeply, rekindling memories refreshed by her scent.

When I saw that scene, I swallowed hard; I wondered how I would cope if my wife dies before me. When she is traveling, and I sleep without her, I find the pretty smell of her hair on her pillow.

My hope for Mommanator's family is that they each find their "pillow," something in the here-and-now that helps them reconnect with their favorite memories of this great man they loved.

dot said...

We've had strange weather here also but no snow.

Shammickite said...

I think we had the same weather as you did, resulting in lots of shovelling, and then a wet basement!
I'm wishing you and your family good health, and much happiness throughout 2009. You will be a grandpa soon.... woohoo! And I am going to be a nana for the 2nd time, I can hardly believe my good fortune!
Happy New Year to you, Mr Craver!

Halfmom, AKA, Susan said...

Happy New Year to the Cravers, one and all!

(and I'd like to watch those DVDs when you're done - OCD understood here!)

Anonymous said...