Wednesday, December 17, 2008

tedious twinkles

all that glitters isn't gold


glitter is evil

like mosquitoes and splinters

it's so annoying


sparkles on my shirt

on my hands, face, everywhere

can't get rid of it


pixie explosion

that's what it reminds me of

happy thoughts--yeah, right!


who invented this?

someone ought to track them down

and make them clean up


Christmas cards, stockings

childrens' crafts from Sunday school

it goes on and on


why get so uptight?

this stuff never goes away

it stays forever


Anonymous said...

good poem craver!

yes, glitter is bad news.

Shammickite said...

I once went to a wedding reception where golden glitter had been sprinkled on the black tablecolths. At our table was a mother with a 2 year old boy.
Both mother and child ended up covered in glitter. They didn't get all the glitter off the baby for 3 days.

mommanator said...

ah what a cute little fo glitter!