Thursday, January 15, 2009


A portion of last Sunday's message (a lesson in prayer from the book of Job) went something like this:


We do not find ourselves chastised in the Scriptures for bringing our requests to the Lord. No; in fact, He wants us to come to Him with our needs, hopes and concerns. It's more than just okay to approach the throne of grace with supplication and intercession...


But when we get there, do we linger? Do we... stick around?
(Paraphrased from a sermon delivered by Rev. M. Voltz on Jan. 11, 2009)


Wow, if the old Quaker hadn't said another word, he still would have left me with a strong message and a conviction to make changes in my own prayer life. It was like, "Okay Preacher... you had me at hello."


The wood burning stove in the photo is at a friend's house. This family is near and dear to our hearts. We love to go and hang out. If there is ever anything that we need or they need, there is no offense in asking. The main reason we spend so much time together is not out of obligation or need... we just want to. We linger. We stick around.


What would my prayer life be like, if I didn't rush off so quickly, but instead learned to linger?


Mary said...

A few years ago I was doing a study on prayer and there were examples of "wrong" ways in how people pray...such as not going to God with a purpose (so you're basically going "ummmm, oh yeah there's this, ummm...". Then there's the prayer while laying in bed falling asleep (Dear Lord, I pray for Susie with her ailme...zzzzzzz). And then there was the prayer that listed all these things, praying for this, for that, asking for this and for that, AMEN! And off you go. The point was to show that prayers are a conversation with God, not only are we going to Him, but we are to listen as well. It went on to compare the situation to someone important. Would we dare treat the President in such a way? Then why would we treat our Savior in such a way? Powerful study...really woke me up because I've been guilty of all those things.

Jules~ said...

Hi there Craver. I thought I'd come by for a visit today adn I am so glad I did. This is a good reminder for me too. It is all too easy to make a list of requests and needs and then run out the door in a whirlwind.
Blessings to you today my friend.

Shoebee said...

What a great reminder.

mommanator said...

indeed is a good reminder. I add don't forget praise for the master-we can linger in that too I think, but sometimes forget when we have that laundry list??
Love the photo, where do you guys sit?? on the wood?? teehee

dot said...

Very good post and I like Mary's comment also.

Every Square Inch said...

I realize there's so much more growth that I need to have in my prayer life. Thanks for the reminder.

I know that my prayer life tells me that I'm too self reliant and don't see my need for God, every moment, every day

lime said...

lingering is good when it increases intimacy. but you wouldn't enjoy the lingering if it were a person who just gave a long list of their wants and complaints and such....kinda like we often do to god.

Louise said...

I think most of us could benefit from lingering... in prayer, with our families, etc.

Lara said...

Good words, good reminder. I've learned over the years that practicing lingering encourages more lingering. When I've been spending time with Jesus like that I can't wait to do it again. I need to slow down and do that more often.

Halfmom, AKA, Susan said...

Yep - and when I thought that the sermons couldn't get any better, then we got Sunday - pretty amazing. It's the first time I felt good about being so much like Jacob!