Friday, January 02, 2009

no frets

The violin sings a sweet, sweet melody. It has a lively dance as well. Classical instruments have a profound beauty and I think those who master them deserve respect.


This instrument is brown and black, right? No, we can see purple (and other colors) if we look at it carefully. That is a lesson that echoes incessantly, isn't it? As long as we are willing to remain observant, there will be delightful wonders to be found. From a Dove dark chocolate candy wrapper: "Slow down, take notice, savor the moment."


Do you know what else I learn from this violin? It has no frets. I like that. And what about you? How many "frets" do you have? Sure, there is good reason to be afraid of certain things, but too many times we fret without cause. I submit to you that when we fret (fear) without a just cause, it is evidence of a lack of faith. This year, ask God to make you strong in your faith, that as you trust in Him, you might not be characterized by frets, to the glory of His Name.


lime said...

a beautiful picture and wonderful meditation to go with it. thanks

donsands said...

Good thoughts. The Lord says, "Fret not, don't worry." What do I do? Fret & worry.

It's a tough time for my business, let me tell ya. But, I know the Lord is a faithful Father.

Thanks Craver for the good words.

Unknown said...

We bought a violin for our daughter for her birthday this year. Todd insists on putting it to the test *squawk!*

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you! Just stopping by to say hello.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Amen. I would have done better not to fret but to trust instead, over the years. But am finally learning.

And oh yes, I love violins, and am especially enjoying a CD with violins/stringed instruments and piano of Mozart, quite beautiful, and good background music for me and for Deb and I, while I/we read.