Thursday, February 19, 2009

flavor crystals

Baby update: Unless Rylan makes a move, they'll induce labor on Tuesday night, for a Wednesday birth. We would plan to make the drive Wednesday afternoon, to arrive close to 9AM on Thursday. But he can still arrive before that, so we take it day by day.


The anticipated 20-hour drive to see our grandson could still be a few days away. I usually try to keep a sojourner's mindset, so that I live in the moment, soaking up life in the present, rather than wishing I could be someplace else at that time. But I gotta tell you. There is one daily activity that I am really going to miss on that looooooong drive.


Coffee. I love this stuff! We get fresh beans at home, and I grind only when I'm brewing. Most of the time, my coffee is great. But from time to time, I use a French press, and that coffee is (sniff) ... excuse me, I hate to cry about it, but I get a bit overwhelmed with emotion every time I think of fresh Starbucks through the French press!


I remember the last time we made this drive. I was getting drowsy, and out of desperation, I did something rash. I used one of those rest stop vending machines to get a Dixie cup of toxic swill that... well, traveling victims are supposed to believe that those few ounces of abomination are somehow related to coffee.


I would rather drink (gag) instant coffee. But wait!! I saw something in the news this week that says that Starbucks is going to start making some kind of instant coffee! How can this be?! Honestly, I'm a little scared about the whole thing. Still, if I find a way to temporarily suspend my skepticism, how shall I procure the piping hot water needed for my favorite elixir?


Anonymous said...

very exciting to think of the plans to see your grandson!

i guess you might have to give micky d's a try on the road, and see how they stack up for coffee flavor.

either that or bring a camp stove.

Shoebee said...

You can easily supply hot piping water, as long as you have water. You could just place the bottle on the engine for a hundred miles or so, or cheat and buy yourself one of those electric water warmers that you plug into a cigerette lighter....but what fun is that??
Better yet, just stop at a local Starbucks....they are as close as a local toilet, at least around these parts they are.

Suldog said...

Oh, God, that hideous brown water from vending machines, that they dare to call coffee! I'd drink my own pee before that filth.

Craver Vii said...

McDonalds' new coffee is so much better than their previous brew. I will probably avoid that, because we are trying hard to scrimp and save, and the kids go nuts when we're near a McDonalds. "Please Dad, can we go? Can we; can we... pleeeeeeeeease?" But if I'm desperate for a fix Nancy, who knows? Maybe I'll try to sneak a quick visit to the golden arches. We'll have to stop somewhere for bathroom breaks, anyway, right?

Shoebee, I don't know if you're joking about the bottle in the engine, but I have had a similar ongoing thought-process running on a secondary track. No luck yet, though.

I'll remember that, Suldog! If perchance we ever took a road trip together, I would work double-hard to perfect that hot water storage formula.

Oh, guess what y'all! I sampled Starbucks' new instant coffee last night! It's not half bad! They're not selling it yet, but samples are available in test markets here and Seattle.

Shoebee said...

Craver- Of course I was kidding about the water bottle on the engine block. The sarcarsim doesn't quite come out in the written word.

Craver Vii said...

You were kidding, but I was not. I would LOVE to find a way to keep water piping hot while the car is running. I know that if I needed to, I could use the engine's heat while it is standing still, with the hood open, but someone out there must have worked out the details for containing clean hot water with maybe a pressure valve and a tap. There could be some kind of pump to siphon the water up to a usable spout.

I have a manual burr grinder that I could lovingly prepare fresh grounds in, and the French press doesn't have to be plugged in or anything. You just pour real hot water in there, and in a few minutes, voila! it's like heaven on earth.

They have soup cans that come rigged with a doo-hickey that produces some kind of chemical reaction to heat the contents, have you seen that? That might be a good alternative. Maybe I'll talk to Starbucks. Remember, you heard it here, first.

Craver Vii said...

Okay, I'm not the inventive genius I thought I could be... According to Wikipedia, "Self-heating tins started being produced around 1900 for use by mountaineers and explorers." It turns out this technology is already being used for hot coffee on the go. C'mon, Starbucks, after your instant coffee formula, that's the next logical step!

mommanator said...

Good grief! did ever think of going into s 7-11 and buying a cup of hot water? us tea drinkers do that all the time.
And of course noone ever heard of sa thermos!
You all joked about the water bottle on the register- that could work unless of course you keep the water on the register in a plastic bottle/
Craver- you are a camper, dont ya have a camp stove or a latern you could put a metal can/cup on full of water. You all really sound like children or never been camping and I know Shoebee has been camping!
You guys also better hope and pray the depression doesn't happen /or affect you!

Shammickite said...

That naughty grandson of yours is keeping everyone waiting far too long! And when a birth is imminent, aren't the menfolk supposed to get busy boiling water? So your post about boiling water in the car fits perfectly with the circumstances.
Thanks for the birthday wishes on behalf of Callum, too bad you can't come to the party on Sunday.

Shoebee said...

They really do make a plug in thermos. You just add water and plug into the cigerette light outlet and it heats up the water. I know they make it, because, I bought one for the mommantor one year. It is a termos that looks like a plastic travel mug. I think I found mine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
But, I get you, all you need some kind of container to hold the water, a hole in the container, a hose attached to the hole, then thread the hose into the cabin of the car....then, how to get the water without it spilling everywhere?
I agree, they really do need to make something...hey, this is a great idea, something we could really make money on. Come on Craver, we need to figure this out..Hey, anyone thinking of stealing our idea, I am here to tell you, it is written down and dated here. I want the rights.

Ted M. Gossard said...

You're speaking my language when you talk about coffee. Does sound interesting, Starbucks doing instant. Always liked Taster's Choice (most of the time, anyhow) with instant. But haven't had that for years!

But yes, Deb and I both like good coffee.

By the way, I JUST figured out that Mary (was, at least in Gainsville) is your daughter. I'm linked to her blog. Anyhow, a small world, but I've appreciated her expression of her faith on her blog, and hope they're well down there. I guess that might be where you're soon to be heading. Blessings on yours, on the new little one, and on your trip there (and on staying awake! I hear you on that one. usually I keep swigging it down, nearly all the way on trips like that!)

lime said...

hahahaha, well i have endured exactly two full cups of coffee in my entire life. one was because i was freezing cold and it was the only warm thing available. the other was in a very impoverished village in bolivia when it was offered in hospitality. i would not have dreamed of refusing the generosity. truth be told i can't stand the stuff. but i do know those of you who love it should not be denied.

prayers and best wishes for a safe and healthy delivery of rylan and for a survivable coffeeless trip.

Shammickite said...

Hi Craver: just checking in to see if Rylan has made a move yet.

Martin Stickland said...

you are going to be a granpops?!! you old timer you! Oh, I forgot, you are younger than me.

Thanks for your good birthday wishes etc.

I hope you are keeping well!


Shiloh Guy said...

Vander Craver,

The 25th is Ash Wednesday. I don't know what you're giving up for Lent this year...but I have a great idea that would solve all your problems...(grin)

Anonymous said...

An update...
No move from Rylan yet, so I am headed to the hospital tomorrow night to begin the induction preparation. On Wednesday morning, Pitocin will be administered and he should be born by the late afternoon or evening. :)

Craver Vii said...

I went with Starbucks' cold concoctions. (sp?)

Shiloh, if you're thinking what I think you're thinking... banish the thought!

Anonymous said...

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