Sunday, March 08, 2009

due north

One man I used to know used to ask whether a decision was "due North." By that, he meant that in your heart of hearts, you knew that it was the right thing to do. Our time in Florida is finished, and we must pack up the van and head back to our home up North. It is an uncomfortable (for me) 80 degrees as I type this at night. Nights are supposed to be cool, right? But it's not about the weather; I need to get back to our home and my work; it's the right thing to do.


Again, if you would, please pray for journey mercies as we begin Monday's 22-hour trek.


I did not take as many photos as I originally expected, but there are a few, and I especially want you to see one of the shots I got of the moon from a few days ago. The photos took an appropriate back seat to the time with family. I got to see my beautiful red-head (daughter) and her husband. Usually I enjoy theological discussions with him, but this time, we just chilled, and I got to hold my brand new grandson, Rylan.


My wife and children had a good time overall, even though we each got sick at one point or another, and my younger daughter lost her camera. I still hope that turns up somewhere. It was cool to visit my friend's church and hang out with an uncle and aunt, and my sister and her family. One of the nieces especially has grown up from being a cute little girl who we barely knew to the most delightful conversationalist.


The time with my parents was a major highlight for me, and I think for my wife, too. Mom and Dad are amazing people. Who shall I compare them to? If you've seen the movie "Twister," there's an older lady the storm chasers visit, and she demonstrates hospitality to the uttermost. That's like my mom. Dad is a man of peace, wisdom and humor. He is an expert in diplomacy.


Every time I leave my parents, I wonder if this is going to be the last time I see them both again. Nobody lives forever, and when the day comes that I hear of one or both of them passing, it will tear my heart in two, but I will always remember them well. Their memories are completely associated with fondness, affection, delight, and the utmost respect.


lime said...

praying for safe travels and giving thanks that the time together was so special. you are blessed to be a part of such a family, as is it's newest member. :)

Even So... said...

So very glad you guys had a good time and were able to visit, safe travels to you, and our prayers...

Anonymous said...

sounds like it was a lovely visit.


mommanator said...

so sad when visits have to end! but there are reasons you have gone to the north!
Safe trip- be praying for travel mercies

Jules~ said...

Woops! I should have stopped by to visit a couple of days ago. All the same, I pray you are able to get settled into a home type routine and have smiles on your faces and hearts for many times to come of your recent visit.

I like that saying "due north". That has a very true ring to it.

Blessings to you today.