Tuesday, March 03, 2009

look both ways

For this picture, I turned my head East to look at the sunset! I thought I would be taking more Floridian photos while down here, but yesterday, I hunkered down and copied a bazillion old family photos. I dug through a big footlocker full of pictures, but it brought back a lot of memories, and was worth all the work that went into it. They will probably not be worth trying to post, but I might change my mind after I get back and have a chance to sort through them.


One thing I won't be posting is pictures of my mom & dad from this week. They are having some kind of allergic reaction, and all kinds of doctor visits and creams and pills. I feel badly for them. As for you, you will just have to believe me when I tell you that I have parents. ;-)


I LOVE my parents!! They get along so well with my wife (& me, too). I laugh a little, when I see how my mom pinches pennies, doesn't care for brand names, and is always looking for a better price or coupons or whatever. But that is only a little funny. Our country would be in MUCH better shape if people would work like my dad and save like my mom. Government handouts? I'm sure there are a few people that could use a measure of compassion, but I feel better about the church doing that job (including me and my parents) rather than Uncle Sam.


How did I get from sunsets to subsidy? Sheesh, what a scatterbrain I am sometimes! Okay, I'll get off the soap box, but before I do, I need to say that criticizing the federal financial program is not the fix. People need to learn how to earn a living, live within their means, give back a little to their community, and plan for the future. We need to rethink words like "entitled to" and "deserve." Credit abuse is a crime! Okay, I'll stop now. Ciao.


Louise said...

Beautiful sunset. Fully agree on finances.

Anonymous said...


this is a post i just read, that reminded me of you, because of how much you like coffee.

lime said...

that is really a fabulously unusual but gorgeous sunset shot.

we'd all do well to take the wisdom of our elders in many ways.

mommanator said...

georgeous shot
hope you are following in moma's footsteps!