Friday, April 17, 2009

m is for...

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You would find my little cubicle deep in the heart of the building, far from any hope of direct sunlight. Our spirits had been repeatedly trampled by unseasonable cold and snow and the dismal dripping of freezing rain, almost to the point where we began to get accustomed to it. So sometimes it is advantageous that I cannot see what it looks like outside.


But this day, people were all abuzz with excitement. It was one of those days where everybody can't help talking about the weather. At my first break, I raced away from the inner caverns of our carpeted walls and artificial light, and made my way to the front entrance.


Two full magnolia trees keep their sentry posts on either side of the main entrance. The heavy fragrance of these ivory guards has arrested me several times at the front door. As I approached, I could see the sky was so blue, it was surreal! I pushed open the door and squinting a little bit, filled my lungs with a deep breath of sweet air. I had almost forgotten what I was going to do, but the camera in my hands jogged my memory. I put a polarizing filter on the lens and began snapping pics.


This one is my favorite from the set. If you look carefully, you will notice that my magnolia comes with a little surprise just behind the blossom. It is a mosquito.


Funny thing. As I said, this turned out to be my favorite shot, but guess what... it was the only capture taken with the flash. Foolishly, I decided from looking at the preview screen, that I didn't like the flash. Now, I'll probably start bracketing sunny outdoor shots with and without flash.


Anonymous said...


imac said...

Beautiful, I captured that today too.

My friend you are invited to pop and see the latest built Steam Engine = The Tornado.

lime said...

oh we have had 6 months of grey and the blue skies seem so precious. glad you got to enjoy it and shared it with us.

donsands said...

Man Craver, that's a pretty big Mosquito. Why did God make mosquitos anyhow?

You're a fine photographer mi hermano.

Craver Vii said...
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Craver Vii said...

(lol) Nancy, did you ever think you'd be using that word about a mosquito?

A magnolia blossom, mosquito, or clear blue sky, Imac? I must go see!

Yours will come, Lime. Keep your eyes to the skies!

That big 'skeeter was all of one centimeter... if that, Sandman. The shot was macro, zoomed waaaay up close. "Hermano..." Amen to that! ...My brutha from anutha mutha. :-)

Shammickite said...

It was a lovely day here in S Ontario on Sunday, but I spent the whole afternoon inside at rehearsal... and today it's raining! But April showers bring May flowers, as they say.
Lovely little magnolia bud... hurry up, Spring!

mommanator said...

I've used flash on outdoor pics for awhile, evens out color
so pretty

donsands said...

"My brutha from anutha mutha."

I like that Craver.

I'm glad we have the same "Abba" Father of lights.