Monday, April 27, 2009


Mmmmm... I love me some dark chocolates! Bite off a little piece and (you don't chew dark chocolate) let it melt in your mouth as you allow every taste bud to get it's fill, savoring each morsel of edible euphoria. I especially like it with fresh, hot black coffee.


As if the cocoa powered endorphins are not enough, this particular brand comes with little notes of encouragement. I misread this one. A quick glance did not register that letter "p." I thought it said something else. I laughed so hard I almost did... well, you know.


orneryswife said...

Mmm. I love Dove chocolates, too. Haven't had any in a while. Those messages are great. I have one taped up in my scrapbook room that says Joy is in the heart, not the circumstances. Amen!

Halfmom, AKA, Susan said...

You crack me up!

lime said...

mmmmm....chocolate induced endophins...mmmmm.

i'll take min without the coffee thanks.

chocolate and chuckles is a good combo though :)

mommanator said...

AH yes chocalate!