Thursday, July 16, 2009

cursed be the ground...

These weeds were so out of control! (That's thirty feet of thorn and thistle going back to that wooden fence.) It's too late in the season to start working on a proper garden. I'll probably prep the soil in the fall, provided I can borrow my friend's tiller. But we didn't want to leave it a mess until then.


So we cleared it out to something more manageable and gave it a modest touch.


Before starting, I looked around at the little flowers. This pretty little thing has a bug hiding in its shadow. I had not noticed it until now.


imac said...

Dont work too hard and get that BP any higher, my friend.
Great post and pics

Shammickite said...

Gardens have a way of running away with you. I know from experience. The flower garden behind the garage is chock-a-block with overgrown iris and day lilies, and WEEDS! I have to do something about it very soon.
But even weeds are pretty.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: Isn't that the way with life, something is really beautiful until you look for the flaws.

Craver Vii said...

At this stage Imac, my standing BP would improve if I carefully increase my exercise regimen. It's hard, when there is a big project, to pace myself instead of focusing on the completion of tasks and stages. Thanks for the caring and wise counsel.

They can keep a person busy Shammy; that's for sure!

THANKS. Hey Mommanator, why are we "yelling?" ;-)

Yes Fishing Guy. And conversely, something can be really flawed, and yet there is beauty to be found within.

Brother Greg said...

Sometimes the best answer is......... Pave the whole yard! Then you only have to seal coat it once every two years or so. Saves on lawn mower abuse and lots of time!

lime said...

funny how we pick up details in a photo sometimes AFTER we take it.

Lin said...

Good on ya, lad! I've been letting nature do what it will this year and grateful that we have so little rain to encourage it. You, on the other hand, have no choice but to keep bashing it back with a machete - I still remember that ongoing fight all too well.