Wednesday, September 23, 2009

precision instrument

The lighting is funny in this room, so I took advantage of my camera's handy-dandy manual white balance; that's good. I forgot about that setting, when I took pictures later, at an outdoor baptism; that's not so good.


I took a position right up close, so I could later give good photo prints to the nice folks who got dunked. Unfortunately, it wasn't until we were near the end of the baptisms, that I realized I had not paid any attention to the white balance setting. The skin colors would come out freakishly blue. Fortunately, we can compensate for that in post editing.


I told that story to tell you this one. There's a brief quiz I took online. There are twelve questions, and I got them all correct. It says I'm a genius. Sometimes I actually believe that kind of flatter; other times I break a sweat pushing a pull door.


imac said...

Clever little B arnt you lol.

donsands said...

I got 5 right. That was humbling. I am quite uncommonly dumb.

Hey, nice gee-tar.

SandyCarlson said...

I like what you did here. White balance. There are days I just say, Blue is Good.

God bless.

Carletta said...

'We all like the yellow guitar, yellow guitar, yellow guitar,' - oh, pardon me, was I singing. :)

Ok genius - how many times did you read and reread those questions?
I was careful but not careful enough. I scored 7 which puts me at normal. Hmmm...I can go to sleep with no pressure.

Craver Vii said...

Clever enough to expect they were trick questions, Imac. But as I say, when it comes to practical wisdom, sometimes, I am clearly Densa and not Mensa material.

I know you're not dumb, Sandman. My guess is that you rushed the quiz. People who are wired like you, tend to get more done. People like me are better at daydreaming, than productivity and expediency... that's my guess, anyway.

"There are days I just say, Blue is Good."
That's funny, Sandy. Yeah, I download dozens of pics and try to clean them up in the middle of the rest of my life, and then I just sigh, and pick one or two that will get my attention. Thanks for the blessing; I need that.

Carletta, I admit that I have not aced every set of riddles I've come across, but when I knew that these were supposed to be tricky, it really wasn't that difficult.

That guy with the guitar sounds incredible. His talent is easy on the ears.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: Very nice shot.

Craig Glenn said...

You scored 12 out of 12 - You are a genius!

Well there is my score. I would love to see Bug Lady take that quiz but as we know, she would cheat.


Nice shot.

Craig Glenn

lime said...

i got a perfect score too but at work i am feeling far less than intelligent.

Craver Vii said...

Thanks, Fishing guy. It was a fun experiment with a remote flash. Fancy, eh? I like that this angle shows nothing but gray in the background.

Welcome Craig! Way to go! I just started looking into Joan's blog. She's got a pretty good head on her shoulders, too. Thank you for visiting. I'd offer coffee or something, but Fishing Guy is washing it. What a pal!

Gee, I wish somebody would explain what LOL means.

It's only your first week, Lime; give it time. I hope your doctor is cool. I find that a large percentage of the intelligencia that I know personally (doctors and professors) have a sort of god complex. Keep smiling.