Friday, December 11, 2009

leapin' lizards

You are part of a tour group, and the only one carrying a camera. You find something you like as the group is moving on. No time to doddle. You quickly snap a photo. Here's the problem: You forgot to look at the label on the tank and record a description your subject. What do you do?


Here's what I will do; I will make it up. That being said, what we have here is... a puppy. She is a six week old golden retriever named Fluffy. (Yes, I am referring to the picture at the top of this post.)


In the meantime, I sent off an email to the science center at Camp Timberlee for the name of a fish that I saw, but I don't know what kind hours the office administration keeps at this camp. I may have to be creative again next week.


Here below, we have a cleaner shrimp. I got that from a fun little exhibit that was patterned after some of the characters from Disney's Finding Nemo. Denise also took photos of cleaner shrimp on her Watery Wednesday post. Sea horses too, but I didn't post my sea horse piccie today.


My next post will be #500! To celebrate, you're all invited to a cyberspace party, right here in the blogosphere. All of the imaginary food and drink has absolutely zero calories... isn't that great? Please don't make a mess, because I don't want to get stuck with cleaning nothing for the next two days.


Gaelyn said...

I hope fully has sisters as I need a golden retriever puppy. I'll pick it up at the 500th post party. Which I presume will be BYOBlog.
Nice captures, now what are they? ;-)

Gaelyn said...

That was suppose to be Fluffy. Can't type or spell. Oh well.

imac said...

Is it going to be a fancy dress party Craver??

Wendy said...

I like that lizard! There aren't many reptiles I don't like :P

Yay for 500 posts!!

Shammickite said...

Hey, 500 posts, that's awesome, I'm just a couple off 400, I'll blog about it if I remember!
I think that golden retreiver puppy's name should be Lizzie, not Fluffy.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

That is definitely the cutest puppy I have seen Craver and Fluffy is the ideal name for her to. LOL!!

Congrats on 500 posts. My goodness how time seems to fly when you are having fun. :)

I am going to decline the offer of the party though. I know I am liable to upset everyone by dancing on the table, messing all over my shirt front and over eating at these things. LOL!! Jeez!! Some people you cannot take ANYWHERE, even in cyberspace!! LOL!!

Craver Vii said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk... speling was my forte in graid school, so I have little tolerince for misspeld words. ;-)
Oh Gaelyn, but I have already stated what they are. These are a cleaner shrimp, and... a golden retriever puppy. I'll have yours ready at the party, in a crate with a bow on top.

Come however you like, Imac... tux or tee-shirt. Either way, you get free first class accommodations via Air Blogger. As for me, I think I'll be wearing faded blue jeans with a tie-dye tee shirt and a black jacket.

I'm glad to hear that you like reptiles Leeloo. I find them to be so fascinating. It is common to hear someone refer to them as "slimy" if they don't like them, but it is quite the opposite. I think they're dry and quite clean.

Well Shammy, I'm giving Fluffy to Gaelyn. Who knows, but maybe she will change its name to Lizzy. BTW, your blog impresses me with such a large and diverse group of visitors.

I'm in my mid 40's now Joan, and it seems to me that these days time flies regardless... fun or no fun. That being the case, I choose to make it fun.

About the tables... Not to worry, my dear Joan--they've all been reinforced for the occasion. Imac and I are going to stand up there to do Abbot and Costello's "Who's on First" vaudeville routine. Well leave the lights on in case you change your mind.

EG CameraGirl said...

Fluffy!! Boy oh boy, that name is perfect.

Five hundred posts? May you have 500 more...or 1,000...or 1, get the message!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: Very funny, the only trouble is I see no fluff on that guy. If you called him Scaly it would be better..

Craver Vii said...

Very kind of you, EG. I'm glad that you're warped enough to appreciate the name.

Absolutely not, Mr. Birthday Boy Fishing Guy! I wouldn't want to give it a complex.

karen at timber-lee said...

Fluffy's real name is Plato the Plated lizard. He's one of our long standing animals here at Timber-lee. Been around about 12 years or so, if I can remember rightly. Kinda ironic that you named him fluffy, being a PLATED lizard. :)