Monday, February 01, 2010

susie snowflake

Yes!! Brother Greg and I took S1 bowling on Friday night, and then we hung out for a while. Light flurries came down as my son and I returned home. Instead of backing into the driveway, the way I usually do, I drove straight in, aiming the headlights at the Caravan. These flakes were big, and everything was cold enough that the snowflakes wouldn't melt when they hit the car. I went up close for a look, and there it was, my treasure!! There were lots of opportunities to capture a single snowflake!! As it turns out, these would be the best conditions all weekend, so I'm glad I didn't wait until later.


Granted, this is not National Geographic quality. Nevertheless, I am beside myself, that I could capture such a thing with my old 2.1 megapixel camera.


The darker pic looks like I caught a flake midair, but it was actually sitting on the minivan's fender. The little white speckles are probably just a mixture of dirt and salt. Notice the shadow to the left of the bigger snowflake?


The super closeup was taken at the minivan's headlight. I think the beads of condensation were from my breath. Sorry; I tried to turn away, but I was freezing out there.


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: What a cool capture, really neat.

imac said...

Well done Craver.
I like it.

Wendy said...

Ooooooo wow!! I love the second picture, very very nice! Snowflakes are so pretty :)

donsands said...

A beautiful picture of our Father's handiwork. Jolly good show.

Glennis said...

WOW what a magic shot, so pretty and perfect.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

You are an ACE PHOTOGRAPHER!! Brilliant capture Craver!!

mommanator said...

WOW, you did it! I'm so happy for ya!

Shammickite said...

That's one more thing to cross off your bucket list!

lime said...

wow! well done! and with only a 2.1 megapixel camera. very well done indeed.

Craver Vii said...

Fishing Guy, you can surely imagine how rewarding it was to capture the moment so soon after getting the idea! Leeloo caught one at the same time. It is at her Project 365 blog.

I'd like to try it again, Imac. ...Perhaps during daylight hours.

If I could find a way to get better details Leeloo, this would make a good series, don't you think?

Hahahaha... you said "Jolly good show." Sandman, I marvel at things like snowflakes, but they're not very complicated, really. The things that boggle my mind are peeking into microbiology or super-giant things like galaxies, and the complexity of life. That kind of stuff is pretty heavy. It is good to be able to see something as simple as a snowflake and recognize God's "fingerprints."

Hello Glinnis! I know not from whence thou camest, but WELCOME!

EG CameraGirl said...

Amazing shots, Craver! You did good!

Craver Vii said...

I thought I was more of a compulsive meddler Joan, but your words sound so much better. You are too kind!

Yea!! C'mon Mommanator; throw your arms up, and let's do a celebratory wave. Oh, I hear that your Florida weather has been Eden-like the last few days. I'm happy to hear that; good for you!

The only thing on my bucket list Shammy, is to simplify my departure, so that people are not left with a lot of work or hard decisions. Other than that, I am ready to go at any moment. The biggest thing of course, is the assurance of eternal security. I wish I could help more people could know that peace.

Oh, but I love to flip through the ads and reviews in Popular Photography and dream, Lime!

Ah, but they were plentiful and easy to access EG. That is, once I knew that it could be done, and learned what to look for. It would be cool, if I could rig up a compact point and shoot with a microscope... now THAT would be a cool shot!

Anonymous said...