Wednesday, April 07, 2010

ring-billed gull

Why do they call the Ring-billed Gull a "seagull?" I live in the suburbs of Chicago, and we don't have any sea here. Instead, you will usually find these gulls scavenging junk food in parking lots or perched on street lamps. I think they're pretty, and I enjoy hearing the sound of their call, but the harsh reality is that they are nasty scavengers.


Well, instead of showing them on concrete and asphalt, I will show them in more natural backdrops. These were taken in front of an office building. My wife waited in the car while I played bird paparazzi.


I carry the camera almost everywhere. Let me express a big thank-you to my wife and kids who have to put up with me pulling over all the time, trying to capture a shot. Most of them are misses, so it may seem like a big waste of time. Occasionally though, I end up with something they like. I hope they agree that it's worth it.


imac said...

I too have many misses, but 1 true capture makes it all worthwhile.

Pastor Dave said...

nice pics! once you see the movie Finding Nemo you'll discover what seagulls are really saying:
"mine,mine, mine, mine!"

happyone said...

We have the seagulls here too in parking lots.
I also tote my camera with me where ever I go.
I guess most of us bloggers are like that. :-)

Craver Vii said...

Imac, you too have many misses, I just have too many misses. But we're both better off than the man who has too many Mrs.

I did see that move Mr. Dave, and the "mine, mine" thing was genius... it fit so perfectly.

Happyone, aren't digital camera's great? There's no way I could justify spending the money on film and developing for the amount of pics I take. I learn some nifty things from blogging, too. I took pics of some baptisms on Sunday, and set up multiple flashes. The dimly lit corner of the gymnasium ended up looking like the baptisms were done next to a sunny window.

mommanator said...

hey camera man get the red eye out of you pic on the side LOL

Gaelyn said...

Doesn't Lake Michigan qualify as a sea? ;-)
I too carry my camera everywhere and probably drive my friends crazy.

dotpy said...

There were certainly not misses! The birds are beautiful even tho they are scavengers.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I have wonder the same thing Craver. I have seen thim in Kruger National Park ant it is at least 300 miles to the nearest sea!! I love the shots of them in flight.

Wendy said...

It's never a waste of time Craver :) And they weren't misses! I love your second shot ALOT, the position of the bird, the pastel colours in the background, such a nice picture. Keep at it :)

donsands said...

Yep, they are selfish scavengers. Nice pics.

Have a blessed day Craver.

Craver Vii said...

Hi Mommanator. That's not redeye; it's actually a white reflection from the flash. Believe me, I tried to take it out, but when I blacked it out, it looked creepy. That's why I left it as is.

Yes Gaelyn, but those friends know who they can count on when they need a picture, don't they?

Oh no. These were not the misses, Dot. The misses I refer to are things like Monday night's beautiful white egret that was too camera shy to let me get set up and take a decent shot.

Ha! Oh Joan, the "sea" thing is a misnomer, isn't it?

Craver Vii said...

I'm glad you liked that, Leeloo. The continuous shot feature helps a lot when they're flying. My camera (3 fps) is not as fast as the stuff needed for sports photography, but I have been pleased with a handful of flight pics, and expect to get a lot more.

By the way, you're absolutely right... it's not a waste of time. I enjoy being out there, appreciating creation --regardless of whether I capture a photo.

Good movie, Sandman. I heard that a Christian book exploring some positive Pixar themes will be hitting the bookstores this July. I can hardly wait to check it out. Those seagulls in the movie were actually at sea, weren't they? Plus, they didn't have this ring on their beak, like mine.

lime said...

the one on the grass is terrific shot even if the birds look annoyed with the papparazzi

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: Really cool captures.

EG CameraGirl said...

They are very graceful birds. BUT noisy. I've never been able to figure out why they have to brag so loudly when they spot a French fry for the taking. Why don't they stay quiet till AFTER they finish it?

Craver Vii said...

Annoyed? Naw Lime. I wuz just chillin' wit da fellas.

Fishing Guy: And breezy too.

That would make too much sense, EG. No fair using logic.

Chris said...

You should definitively take your camera on each trip, life has taught me that! you never know what you can see such as the ring-billed gulls. Beautiful pictures of them you got... It is a rare species over here, and although I've seen it and taken pictures of it here, we sometime have to run to see it ;-)
To answer your question, yes I saw 38 species in one day... And this is gonna go up now, I might sometime reach 40 to 50 species during a walk. But of course I carefully choose the places I visit ;-)