Monday, April 19, 2010

tiptoe through the tulips

We had fantastic weather 'round there this weekend. Friday night, Mrs. Craver and I took a stroll around the neighborhood. There is one neighbor who's house and yard is always pretty. I rang the bell and ran. (No; I'm kidding.) I rang the bell and asked if we could traipse across their lawn to take pics of the pink tulips. In appreciation, I will go back there later, and give them a print.


You know, this gentleman extended his hand and told me his name, and I immediately forgot it. Shame on me; I will have to ask again.


These reds are from my own flowerbed. My neighbors probably get a good laugh when they see me with my camera crawling after a bug or laying down to get this angle on the flowers. Maybe I should put a little photo album together and invite them over for coffee and cookies. Of course, if I keep doing peculiar things as I try to capture an image, maybe they have pictures of me!!


donsands said...

Tulips are very cool flowers. I'm a TULIP-Christian as well.

Here's an oldie but a goodie:

imac said...

Nice shots.
Craver - about those having shots of you laying down and such, well I can tell you - I bet they have - how do I know - because it happens to me - haha.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: We do what we must to get the shot.

Pastor Dave said...

i think i may have caught a video of you on youtube crawling through a flower bed! very colorful pics..

Wendy said...

Wuahaha, you never know Craver, maybe they do have pictures of you!!
Have I ever told you how refreshing your blog is? I either smile, laugh or get goosebumps from each posts. This time = all three! Your photos gave me goosebumps, they are so nice, I think you should definitely frame them.
Glad you and Mrs. Craver had a good weekend :)

dot said...

Ha, that's funny to think they might be taking pictures of you while you are running around with your camera.
You did good with the tulips!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Most of the time I find my neighbors ignore me so carry on crawling around like that and soon they will ignore you too. LOL!!

Great shots Craver. They do make a beautiful show.

Craver Vii said...

Sandman, the TULIP part is cool, but the Tiny Tim video is a little unsettling. Do you know what ever happened to that guy and did he earn enough to make the silliness worthwhile?

I'll admit Imac, that I would have been hesitant to crawl around like I do until I saw pics of you doing it first.

That's a lesson that's sinking in, Fishing Guy. Other lessons are a little more difficult for me. For example, I have not taken a decent pic of the moon with this new camera yet. The old Mavica with it's spot meter used to do all the work for me.

That's funny Mr. Dave. I would not put it past my daughter, who likes to use the video feature on her camera.

Leeloo, that is music to my ears. I am so glad for your visits, and what your personality adds to this community.

Well, I do not know if any of these neighbors are camera buffs Dot, but I have seen pics where Imac's wife took snapshots of him doing a belly crawl on the grass, or laying on rocks in the middle of a flowing stream. Those kinds of pics make it to his blog from time to time.

They ignore you Joan? What a loss! If I were your neighbor, I think I would probably be a pest, always wanting to see your photographs, and learn from your expertise.

donsands said...

I don't know what happened to Tiny Tim. I think I heard, not sure, that he had was converted to Christ.

I'll have to check that out.

lime said...

hahaha, i was just going to say you should have pictures of you capturing all these photos.