Tuesday, September 28, 2010

homeward bound

Nobody expected this would last forever, but it is bittersweet to see them go back home. We look forward to recovering from all of the playing we did, and extra patience we practiced, but they brought so much joy into those few days, that it was all very much worth it.


I like the transition that happened from extreme shyness at the beginning, to the way Rylan eventually would come running to the door as I returned home from errands. He would reach up for a hug, and then not let go, so that I could hold him for a while. He's bilingual now, as he knows butterfly kisses AND Eskimo kisses. (Maybe he knew that before, but we brushed up on it.)


I am so glad for this opportunity to spend time with them. It sounds like my daughter son-in-law enjoyed the special week they had together. The strange thing is how one-sided this will be in our memories. I will never forget this week with all the funny faces and baby giggles, but my grandchildren will not remember a thing. I look forward to someday showing them the pictures and telling the stories.


In the meantime, I'm back at work, and the department is absolutely swamped. (sigh) In a way, that makes me feel special, too. I'm glad they need me.


mrs. craver said...

I loved watching you play with them on the floor and not being afraid to get a little dirty. Yes, they got to see a glimpse of your firm side but mostly they LOVED the fun side of "Papa" as I was trying to teach them to call you!

Not only are you a wonderful dad but you are a wonderful grampa!

happyone said...

Oh, you might be surprised what they will remember!!

George said...

There are very few things more enjoyable than playing with a grandchild! I'm glad you enjoyed your time together.

Gaelyn said...

This was such a wonderful opportunity that should be repeated. You bet, when they see the photos and hear the stories they Will remember the Love.

lime said...

ah i'm so glad you intend to show them pictures and tell the stories when they are old enough to remember. that picture of rylan in the fading sunlight is just wonderful too!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

These are such wonderful times and special memories Craver. They grow up so fast and then go their own way. You are right, they do not remember these things and the wonderful thing about photography is that we have the evidence. :)

Craver Vii said...

It was only a little difficult to keep a straight face while the boy was being disobedient, Mrs. Craver. You and I have trained ourselves well. As for playing, that was all pure fun.

Maybe future events will be remembered Happyone, but Elowyn is five months and Rylan is one and-a-half. I would be surprised indeed if they remember anything from this.

If I had known how special this was, I would have visited my own grandparents more often, George. There was some difficulty with language and culture. They did not seem disappointed, though.

Craver Vii said...

Oh, I DO hope we find a way to repeat this, Gaelyn! They live in Oklahoma, so it is not the ideal situation for us.

Lime, very few of my pictures make it to professionally printed photo paper or in a photo album somewhere. This occasion definitely calls for those types of keepsakes.

Joan, the walking away picture makes me feel a little sad, knowing how fast the kids can grow up. The house is very different now, without them there. They had a way of becoming the center of everyone's attention.

Chris said...

Yes, I guess you will remember these moments all your life.... That's why we are living, is it not! Special and tenderness moment like this, sharing with kids and grand kids, our love and knowledge... I'm happy for you...
Happy too that the work was messy and that they need you, it is good for you to know that ;-)