Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i like squirrels

Some people don't like squirrels. I know that now, but it took me by surprise when I showed this photo to a couple of friends and they got foamy at the mouth just from looking at this cute little critter.


When I was twenty one, I lived next to a city park. There was a guy in the field house that worked there for years and years. He fed the squirrels regularly. These creatures were so sweet and docile, that I would bulk quantities of nuts and hand-feed the squirrels.


Years later, I imagined that I would like to see the same thing at my house. But I had to change my mind when I saw the damage they did to my front lawn. Plus, I learned that some people have had squirrels damage their homes and make their way inside. No sir, that's not for me! I will tolerate them stealing from the bird feeder, but we don't need to have anything clawing and tearing holes to get inside my house. I am happier keeping my distance, thank you very much.


People have asked for my photos before, and that always makes me feel good. But once, while visiting someone's house, I noticed one of my squirrel pictures nicely framed, and on a shelf. That kind of stuff motivates me to keep on hunting for good images.


Chris said...

Wow that's a very nice story and a gorgeous shot you got there. Your grey squirrels are so cute ;-)

George said...

I don't mind squirrels out in the yard, but we have also had squirrels chew on the house. After we discovered that the squirrels ceased being quite so cute.

happyone said...

I used to like squirrels before they chewed their way into our house. Now I just call them tree rats!
That is a great photo though.

Craver Vii said...

Chris, I noticed that you put some of your photos in a book. I linked to it on Facebook. Very nice!

George, I like them a lot, but if an animal started destroying the house, I'd have no qualms with a bb-gun mercenary dispatching them. (ahem) Of course I mean I'd contact animal control to get a cage so we can safely capture and release them.

All of the squirrels that visit my bird feeder are required to sign a contract that says they will not nibble on any permanent man-made structure. They've kept their word so far, Happyone. The hardest part was finding a tiny pen that conformed to their front paws.

donsands said...

"I will tolerate them stealing from the bird feeder,.."

My wife and I do not tolerate the thievery. I sometimes shoot the little crooks with a BB gun to discourage them. Lately I have been trapping them, and then take them to the Park and release them. I have gotten rid of ten or so.

lime said...

our first apartment was a converted attic. we had squirrels living in the walls and they chewed of the heads of mr. lime's golf clubs. he was less than amused and has had a personal vendetta ever since. but that is a great shot.

EG CameraGirl said...

I like squirrels but shhhh! Don't spread that around. :)

DeniseinVA said...

I love watching the squirrels. Always so cute and always entertaining. No I don't think I would want them inside either but they are always welcome on the deck, just so long as they don't chew through it.

Craver Vii said...

Ten?! Maybe you should start collecting pelts, Sandman.

Lime, squirrels don't like golf because of that whole Caddyshack misunderstanding. They think we lump them together with gophers.

They sure can be cute, EG.

Yup. Once they start chewing the house Denise, I would categorize them as evil and rain wrath down upon them. But until then, I treat them with TLC.

Jackie said...

Beautiful shot of this li'l fella.
I am among those that don't like squirrels. I think of them as tree rats. :)))
But....I think this is a lovely photo!!! Makes him/her look almost adorable....