Friday, June 10, 2011

barely skating by

While on vacation, I tried roller skating... and survived! I did not fall at all, but ALMOST fell from the moment I laced up the rental skates until I sat on a bench to remove them. This shot was taken by one of my kids (s1) from his cell phone.


They do this thing, where a bunch of families go together. It's mostly moms and young children, but none of those ladies got up to hit the floor. They were having too much fun laughing at the one dad who never skated before.


It didn't take any time at all, before the kids started to join hands and make a long human whip. I was precariously teetering along, near the wall, when the kid at the end shouted, "Mr. Craver, gimme your hand!" Ha!! Do I look like some kind of suicidal lemming to you? No, Missie... I earned these few gray hairs by NOT having young whippersnappers (Good choice of words, eh?), fling me to a certain demise with such recklessness. No, I'll stay vertical, thank-you-very-much. The human body was not meant to go that fast without being in some kind of protective cage.


Do you skate? Are the rental skates made that uncomfortable on purpose? If it was planned that way, then I think it's a clever idea, because no one in their right mind would wear that kind of torture for the fun of it.


The important thing is... I never fell. Winner!


imac said...

Great photo my friend, you were very brave to go out there in the 1st place.

lime said...

good for you for getting out there AND not falling. it's been a long time since i skated. lots of fun.

Shammickite said...

I tried roller skating a few times, going to the rink with some experienced rollerskating friends, but I never really got the hang of it, and I fell backwards and bumped my head a couple of times, and after that I retired gracefully from the sport. I think you have to learn when you're a kid and I grew up where there were no flat surfaces and a long way from the nearest road. I can't ice skate either.

happyone said...

I skated every Saturday night for 5 years from 8th grade right through 12 grade.
LOVED skating! I even learned the dances on skates and did my fair share of racing too. Did I say I LOVED it!!?
Good for you for giving it a try!

donsands said...

No skating here. I watched as a youth group did once. I did have a skate board when I was a kid. A piece of board with a roller skate attached to the bottom.

You look a little wobbly there Crav.

Craver Vii said...

Imac, you give me too much credit, but it was better that I enjoy time with the kids than stay too focused on the many tasks I wanted to accomplish on my stay-cation.

That's right, Lime. My disdain for falling is not just theological, you know. Fallen angels, the fall of man, Craver almost landing on his tookus... all of these are bad things.

No big loss, Shammy. Your feet are blessed with dance.

Okay Happyone, now I'm picturing a diminutive blonde headed blur whizzing past, and she's wearing a Corvette logo. It's great to find things we enjoy doing.

Me wobbly? Not at all, Sandman. The rest of the earth was wiggling like Jello, though.