Thursday, November 10, 2011

sneaky church cam

This was a sneaky shot I took at church. I showed that man his picture, and he laughed about the "butt shot." That was good natured self-deprecation, but it was not why I took the shot. I was motivated to snap this pic because I saw something very different. I see a family that is so blessed, it moves me. I know this man personally, and that he takes his role as husband and father very seriously. He is not just a figurehead, but in a very practical way, he serves as the spiritual head of his family. He leads with wisdom and grace. I see how they love each other. The wife is a godly woman who serves unselfishly. That little girl sings at church with all her heart. I've taught their other kids in Sunday School, and these kids know their Bible. One can see that their parents instruct them at home.


A lot of people have a warped picture of what a Christian looks like. Crusades, inquisitions, picketing funerals and whatnot. For me, a Christian looks like this.


(f.y.i. -- I'll be running around and probably won't get much time on the computer for a few days. I hope to catch up with you in between errands.)


Pastor Dave said...

yep, perfect pic of what a famly should look like!

Jackie said...

This touches me the same way, Craver....
How beautiful this family is....inside and out.
Thank you for sharing the message and the photo. I feel the love they have for each other and for the Lord.
How inspiring for all of us.
Warmest smiles to you,

imac said...

good humour is always nice - when you get a great shot my friend.

Betty Manousos said...

thanks for this delightful post.
interesting picture!
...and sweet.

Anonymous said...

I know who that is! I know who that is (but don't worry Craver, I'm not telling). I am glad that we have godly people in our church like that man that you pictured though. :)

Craver Vii said...

Thanks Mr. Dave. That's a comment I often hear about home schoolers, especially when people see the siblings treating each other well. I like that.

Your visits are always a blessing, Jackie. I appreciate those smiles!

It is a genuine delight to laugh with you, Imac. You have a sharp mind, and a robust sense of humor.

Thank you Betty. I try not to get carried away during church, but I felt this was a memory I absolutely needed to share.

Thanks for guarding the secret, Rachel Grace. (Especially, since I did not ask his permission to post it.) And I am glad that my church community includes YOU as well. :-)

George said...

This is a great picture and a great commentary. Thank you.

Carletta said...

Love that he has a hand on each of them. A very loving image.