Friday, January 27, 2012


This is what we're missing, folks! When fresh snow comes, it makes things beautiful. I love to look at large, open areas where there are no footprints. Okay, I'll make an exception for animal tracks... I like seeing those in the snow.


This is from a few pics that I took during a trip to the library the day after our big snow. Did we forget already? Yes, it snowed so much that commuting was a nightmare. We shoveled our paths, just in time to shovel them again. There were high piles in the parking lots, left by snow plows. And then a warm rain took it all away in one night.


Next time it snows, I'm going to ask the snow plow drivers to push it all in my driveway, so that I can make up for what we've been missing. Mrs. Craver has some crazy ideas for snowmen that she got from a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon.


Hey, look... I refreshed the profile pic. That is what I look like these days. I put a new self portrait on Facebook, too.


happyone said...

A beautiful snowy scene. Pretty as a post card!
I like making the first tracks in the fresh snow, or making angels. : )

imac said...

Cant beat a fresh Virgin show of snow my friend.
Its when it gets slushy and turns to ice.

Neat new profile - still no grey hairs thenLOL

donsands said...

Wonderful photograph!

Snow is a joy; or can be. I like seeing deer tracks in the snow. On my Mother-in-law's little acre we have quite a few deer. In fact, my brother-in-law just dropped off a hefty portion of butchered venison that a friend of his gave back from the 8 point buck he shot last week. (Bow hunting that is.)

have a joy filled Lord's Day my brother. Christ truly does call us Co-heirs! Amazingly true and humbling. What greater truth is there to know?

Jackie said...

Great picture of you, Craver. I'm glad that you told us to look or I would have missed it. Love it!
The snow on the boughs is storybook perfect (or picture perfect... :)))
Sigh. I live vicariously through your snow photos. Thank you so much for sharing them.

George said...

I don't think there is anything prettier than fresh snow on trees and fields. Your photo is wonderful. I also like your new profile picture.

Pastor Dave said...

great christmas card pic!

Shammickite said...

OK if we get a huge dumping of snow here, I'm going to send it all to you for Mrs Craver's snowman making pleasure. It was snowing today but not much on the ground.
If you put one of those pointy metal helmets on and brandished a sword, you could be mistaken for a Spanish conquistador!

lime said...

so pretty. we had snow in october and one last week which melted away quickly. thanks for capturing yours to share with us.

EG CameraGirl said...

You look good in your new photo!

Yes, I really love the look of new-fallen snow! I dislike it when it starts to look grungy, though.

heritagemom said...

Yep, finally some snow here and a promise of broomball for the boys. Too bad it keeps warming up and melting everything.

Craver Vii said...

"Pretty as a post card" is a great compliment, Happyone. Thanks. Funny... I never got into making snow angels. I may be a little OCD. Wanna see something funny? Check out this book cover. It is supposed to represent a snow angel of sorts. But to a bunny or vole, this was the angel of death. That mark is the evidence of a winged predator snatching its prey. I wonder if they realized that when they created that cover.

Slush... yekkh! Fresh snow is definitely my preference, Imac. Grey hairs? There is very little silver in my crown, but I wear them with pride.

Co-heirs with Christ... Sandman, I can barely wrap my head around such an amazing revelation... such an amazing gift! God's grace floors me.

Craver Vii said...

The self-portrait is a little embarrassing Jackie, because that is not how I see myself. I was squinting a bit and haven't been sleeping well, but if that's what other people see when they look at me, then I need to just get over any silly apprehensions and post the portrait.

And I feel the same about your pics, Jackie. They make me feel like I have been visiting you, spending time where you've been. :-)

George, I think this is my favorite photo (that I took) this year. I'm glad you like it, too.

Mr. Dave, I purchased a print of that snowscape and framed it, using one of the frames you gave me. Mrs. Craver liked that.

Craver Vii said...

Yes, please and thank you! We need more snow, Shammy. A conquistador? (lol) That's a first. :-D

That October snow you had was a big news item, Lime. I imagine that it caught a lot of people off-guard to have it snow so heavy and so early.

Do you know what I like about the self portrait, EG? I got to borrow a soft box and a ring light, and use a windowless room.

Ha! Your boys are so big Christine, I would be afraid to play any kind of sports with them. Be careful out there. :-)

Chris said...

Looks like I know what you described... Except that now, it's gone from here ;-) See it worked I sent it all to you ;-) Beautiful picture!

Jackie said...

OK...I didn't leave responses back to comments on my blog for my last blog post...but I couldn't let your "frayed not" go without commenting to you about it.
What a great sense of humor (and vocabulary) you have my friend!!
I got a gooooood chuckle outa that one. Thanks so much. You made my day!!!
Hugs and smiles,

Betty Manousos said...

the photo looks like card postal!

superb snowscape!

hope you have a great remainder of the weekend!