Wednesday, August 08, 2012

a collage of faces

Photographing people can be challenging, but when I find something that I can share, it comes with a great sense of accomplishment.  Some of my churchmates took the day off Tuesday to help with a service project.  I have more pictures on Facebook, and it was neat to spend time with two dozen young visiting missionaries from Japan.  I took lots and lots of pictures, and this set shows the lighthearted humor and affection we share in our church family.

This youngster in the top photo is the same model I hid among the giant paper flowers.  Here, while she shields her eyes from the sun, she looks so safe and protected in her mother's loving arms.

Next, we have Cousin It.  No... actually, I noticed the funny sunglasses & moustache on top of his head during an orientation.  I was seated a few rows back from him.  After catching his attention, I quietly gestured that he should put his head down for a picture, and he obliged.  Shhhh...  I tried to do this without distracting anyone else.

I had this idea to shoot a photo of a bunch of people in the lobby, but to keep the fruit bowl in the foreground.  This gentleman saw me point the camera, and got down to say hello right in my face.  I think that was Mrs. Craver who decided to put the banana on top, but I caught it so that we could have "mixed nuts" framed with fruit.  My original idea for the lobby picture ended up in the recycle bin.


Jackie said...

Like you, I love the "sheltered and protected" look you got in the first photo. You might have yourself a model there, Craver.
I love the smile in the eyes of the gentleman in the last photo.
Your photos are splendid. I always look forward to more of them.

donsands said...

Good pics bro. I loved the Adams Family, and cousin It.

Hope all is well Craver. Seems to me the spiritual wickednesses are rising up just a bit. I went back and read Eph. 6 last night. Very encouraging.
And most of all, no matter how I shall be tempted my Savior has crushed our enemy at the Cross, and He is a Sovereign King on a sovereign throne ruling the nations and the universe!

Have a great weekend my friend!

George said...

These are wonderful pictures in your collage. I really like your first photo -- it's definitely a keeper.

Anonymous said...

Each of your photos clearly demonstrate that every picture or photo tells a very special story. Very well done.

Shammickite said...

Do you always ask before taking someone's picture?
I always feel a bit awkward about asking.... but an impromptu pic is often better, when they don't have time to think about posing.

Craver Vii said...

Jackie, I shot about a thousand pictures last week. I think that's a personal record. This little lady has wonderful facial expressions, so whenever I need a young model, I will probably go back and ask her parents again... just like I did for the E.T. shot.

The battle is the Lord's! Thanks for that reminder, Sandman. May this Sunday's time of worship be especially refreshing for you and your family.

Thanks, George. I'll be sure to give a print to her parents.

Craver Vii said...

"Story" is an important component of good photography, and something I have been trying to learn. So your kind words have a special meaning to me, Kiwi.

Good question, Shammy. Usually. Sometimes I ask, but not always. If I catch eye contact with people who are doing something interesting, I smile and ask charade-style if I can take their picture. But I am also experimenting with street photography, and their technique of shooting from the hip. I won't ever take a picture if I think it will really offend someone.

imac said...

Best laid plans eh, nice set, but you need a haircut my friend.

lime said...

cousin itt makes me giggle. pportraiture is something i'd like to explore a bit more myself.