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April 17, 2013

This week's Headbanger's theme was my choice, and I went with "rain," because we can hardly think of anything else around here these days.  Check out my  pals for their interpretations on this theme, and try not to get wet: Fishing  Guy, Katney, Imac and Lew.

 You've heard the expression, "When it rains, it pours."  Well, a few days ago we got our bucketfulls and then some!  Driving to work, I felt like a rat in a maze.  I left the house early and was moving along just fine, then I'd run into a roadblock, turn around and reroute.  This cycle happened so much, that my half-hour commute was quadrupled!  I was so sure they'd close the office, but when I called, there were already a bunch of people there, so I kept driving until I got there.

Look closely, and you'll see how deep that water got.  Lots of cars got flooded like that.

I came upon the scene I used for my header, and I propped the camera on a tripod, and held an umbrella over it.  A family walked around me and settled themselves in front of my shot, but I figured that as long as they knew I was taking pictures, spectators might even enhance the composition.  Since my original plan was to show some poor fellow's four-wheeled submarine, I moved across the street and began recomposing the shot.  The stranded car's hazard lights were blinking, and I wanted to catch them in the on position.  This little kid decided that he wanted to stay in front of the camera, so he ran across and stood in my view.  As I was trying to time my shot, he spontaneously threw his little fists up in exuberant jubilation.  Congratulations, Kiddo; you just graduated from background to subject!  I like it better than what I originally planned, so I got his dad's email and sent them the shot.

water boy

beaded rain drops on a goose

macro: raindrops in a spider's web

rain soaked lawn
[As always, click on any image to enlarge it.  The goose and grass have really nice details that you'll appreciate more when viewing a larger image.]


Jackie said...

You're sweeter than I would have been in this situation, Craver.
I notice in both photos that the little one has his eye on you and the camera; he knew what you were doing and what he wanted to do: be in the photo. Great shot of him after all. He got his wish!
The water is very deep in the photo, my friend. Too deep to venture in with a car. Hope that all dries out for you soon. Reading about the rain in your area and praying that it will abate
Lovely photos (all). You are a wonderful photographer.

Lew said...

Great header and even better lesson for drivers who think their car floats! You had to get down and wet to get the spider - nice close-up!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: Beautiful captures of a sad situation. You did well with all your rain captures. We just have a steady all day rain.

Julie said...

This is mac
Gold craver
Silver Kathy.
Sorry it's same as last week,but it's the headers rain fitting.

happyone said...

LOVE the rainy pictures.
I like walking in the rain and do it often. : )

Carletta said...

With all we see on TV why do some people still drive through the water - amazing.
Super spider shot!!

EG CameraGirl said...

It DOES look very WET there. I LOVE the raindrops on the foliage shot.

George said...

I'm glad we didn't get as much rain as you did. Your header is dramatic, but I really like the details in your macro.

Betty Manousos said...

love your rainy shots, craver. also, i really like the raindrops on the foliage.

wonderful shots/header.

have a nice weekend.

lime said...

LOVE that lawn shot. beautiful lighting.