Wednesday, October 30, 2013

no fear

no fear

October 30, 2013

This week's challenge is no fear, selected by Christine. Check out my  pals for their  interpretations on this theme: Fishing Guy, Katney, Imac, Lew, and Christine Anne.

I know a few young daredevils on skateboards and one not-as-young man who is just as daring, (probably more so) on roller blades.  The point of connection I have with them is Christian service.  The younger guys are not all from my church, but they all help at our Food Pantry.  I used to chase these risk-takers off the church property, telling them that we are simply not insured to allow stunts on our stairs.  Having seen some of their tricks, I asked permission to try some still photography.  So we have two tricks here.  Mike jumped so that his board flipped under his feet, but he did so in such a way that when his feet came down on the board, he stuck the landing to continue rolling along on the board.  That's crazy!  The other trick is mine: rear curtain flash.  That's why the blur is behind Mike, and not in front of him.  A straight flash was too bright and too small a light source, so I turned the flash backwards, and let it bounce back to him using a reflector.  When Christine suggested "no fear," I immediately wanted to use one of the skate boarding guys in mid-flight.


imac said...

The man with his Heart and Soul in Photography, Great capture my friend.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Very cool jump Craver, I've often thought of capturing them but never tried.

heritagemom said...

This is great, Craver! You are so much more technically-minded than I with your use of flash. Cool pic, and cool that you chose a teenager just like I did. :)

Lew said...

Skate boarders seem to be among the most fearless people (and have the scars to prove it)!