Friday, June 13, 2008

Sky Watch Friday!

Jacob's ladder?

Ho hum. We had a rather UN-interesting overcast sky. Sorry to bore you. Bye.


Wait! Before you leave, let me tell you what was happening in the foreground. A rooftop air conditioning unit malfunctioned and set off the smoke detectors. This was not a drill; we had to evacuate the building immediately. There were LOTS of emergency vehicles outside. Apparently, the automated system also notifies the adjoining suburbs... wow!


No one was hurt, and I have no idea how bad the rooftop unit was, but I could not see any damage from inside the building.


I have two questions for you. Choose a place... home, school, work, whatever. If you had to evacuate immediately, what would you take with you and what would you miss the most if all the property was consumed?


Here's my answer: I grabbed a book off my desk, because it is part of a discussion group. (The camera was not optional; it's permanently attached.) If the whole place were damaged by fire or water, I would miss all the photographs I have stored in the hard drive. Precious few have been saved to a Web-based album.


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Llama Momma said...

I would grab my three boys and run. If I had time, I would grab each of their special "lovies." (soft blankets/teddy bears)

And that's it. It would be enough.

Halfmom, AKA, Susan said...

I think the dog and the daughter - and maybe a big picture of my kids when they were young - the rest, though valuable to my heart, could be replaced.

Although when he is bad (remember he IS a HE and a puppy) I might leave the puppy until last.

EG CameraGirl said...

That's an interesting question. Most things can be replaced, though I'm sure it would be very painful to lose everything.

I agree that the camera is pretty close to being a permanent attachment. LOL

Craver Vii said...

LM, I was looking more for a "what," assuming the "whos" are non-negotiable, but I'm touched by the part about their special lovies. That was selfless and tender. Also, that it would be enough... very cool.

Halfmom, I think the loss of old family photographs would make me cry. I have a few scanned, but not all.

Thanks for the comment, Tour Guide. I'm no pro, but if I could have that camera surgically attached, I'd consider it. ;-)

mommanator said...

humm only the family are thta important to me I carry God in my heart! It is all His anyhow!

L.L. Barkat said...

I loved the opening of this post. Quite amusing! :)

I suppose I'd grab my kids. After that, hmmm... passports? Checkbooks? Computer? As you see, I seem to be terribly practical (with the exception of the kids option. It is not practical to be with kids. :)

Anonymous said...

This was an interesting post to me to read. I have only been in situations in the Army, like this, ages ago and forgot what I took but not much.

Your post came out alright for SWF. I enjoyed the photo and also the read.

Carletta said...

Faded photographs - so many memories.
It would be devastating to lose everything - wish I weren't such a materialistic girl! Things are just things - but how many times do you run across and old toy, an old birthday card and a memory you had forgotten pops in your head. It puts you right back in that moment. I love finding those when I clean or straighten up - priceless moments revisited.
Hey, I come here for my daily smile - I better go now before I'm sad. Guess I better go read that first sentence again before I leave :)

imac said...

Great shot
if at home = As you my camera round my neck and i'd take my hard drive.

If at work = grab my coat, and miss my friends .

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