Sunday, September 21, 2008

Today's Flowers

think pink


One of my sons was about four years old when somebody asked him what his favorite color was. He pondered briefly, then said, "pink."


Stifling a gasp, I did not react. Colors are gender-neutral, right? It's just a color; it doesn't mean anything. (ears getting warm) I hope he doesn't see anybody else get freaked out over nothing, and think he's done something wrong. (palms sweating) If anyone picks on him over this, I'll have to serve up a knuckle-sandwich... well, not really, but I'd at least find a civil, Christian way to protect my little boy from stupid hyenas... In that moment or two of silence, dozens of thoughts raced through my head, and then he spoke again.


"Dark pink." He said the words slowly and thoughtfully.


Dark. Hmmm... dark is good. Whew, what a relief! If anybody starts to make fun, I can correct them. No, no, no--not any girly pink; DARK pink! (insert manly grunt here)


Today's flowers are pink, and I like them. Yeah? (puffing up chest) What of it!


Here's a new-ish feature that my friend Luiz Santilli Jr. is doing. It's called Today's Flowers. Check it out.


Louise said...

Pretty pink flowers. And no one gets uptight if a girls' favorite color is blue. As you said, it's jsut a color!

Anonymous said...

you are a riot!

nice shots, bro.

lime said...

pretty in pink!

dot said...

Cute post! You always make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why boys shouln't like pink - dark pink also! We like blue :-))
I loved your story and good humour ... and your shots also.

Dar's Foto Faze said...

Great story.Pretty flowers.

Anonymous said...

I love pink too. :) Your flower shots are very pretty. Nice post!

Pat - Arkansas said...

Pink, smink!! Why shouldn't boys like pink if they want to? I'm a *brown/green/rust* person myself, and my driver's license says I'm a girl (well, not a GIRL.. old woman!)

Too funny, Cravervii!

Oh.. nice photos of the pink flowers!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Dark pink is good. ;-)

Pretty pink flowers here. Thanks for sharing them with us.


mommanator said...

you are nutz once again!

Carletta said...

Beautiful Rose of Sharon flowers!
I kinda like a guy in a pink shirt - the girls will adore your son someday.
Thanks for smiles - cute post.

Luiz Santilli Jr said...

Craver VII

Always a great flower and a lovely little history!
Marvelous post in TF!!

Tanks for your support!!

Have a nice week,


Jules~ said...

Those are beautiful flowers. I am horrid at remembering names of flowers and I want to say that is something like a Rose of Sharon.

I agree color is gender neutral. Good for your boy in being able to state his mind.

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful flower! Love the first shot the most:) My first time to join with this Meme! I hope you can drop by! Mine is here. Happy TF!~

EG CameraGirl said...

HA! Who ever started the idea that pink is a girly colour anyway? Or that black is a manly colour? We humans have some very silly ideas, eh?

Nice flowers, by the way. And I'm glad you can admit you like the flowers even if they are pink. ;-)

HennHouse said...

Beautiful flowers!

My son's favorite color is purple... has been for four years. It is kind of difficult to find stuff for a second grader in purple.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: Really cool post and glad it was the added on dark, your flowers are great.