Wednesday, March 25, 2009

spring has sprung

Sprung indeed! What's this?! That tiny purple and gold indicator is an alarm of sorts. It's all I can do to walk away and not step on it. Why? It is an ominous warning of the impossible demands on my time over the next few weeks. I need to ...

*get the lawn equipment ready for action, sharpen blades, check the motors, search for those gloves again,

*groom the dog

*fix & lube all the bikes

*move winter stuff into storage

*begin repairs outside the house, especially the garage (grrrr)

*cultivate the soil for my wife's garden

*hack down a million weeds

*plant new grass seed

*play frisbee, catch and soccer with the kids

*fix the grill

*renew my fishing license, etc.


Clearly, I don't have enough time for all of this! I'll need to prioritize. Play with the kids, do some grilling and fishing. I'll try to get everything else done, but first-things-first.


Yeah, I hear what you're thinking... I better make sure my wife's garden is a priority. Thanks.


lime said...

lol, you're a smart man ;)

Anonymous said...

how did you hear what i was thinking!?

lime is right, you are a smart man.

btw, i see that the book "knowing God" is in our library system. how cool is that?

Every Square Inch said...

Craver - you're not a "glass half full" kind of guy, are you? ;-)

Spring is upon us - winter is PAST and all you can think of is chores?

That's probably because you're more responsible and conscientious than I am. I'm probably just a slacker.

Craver Vii said...

Lime, I love to see her happy.

Nancy, we're going through that book in our small group... one chapter per week.

ESI, the original post was going to be much more positive, but the idea of stepping on a flower was so funny and provocative, that I couldn't restrain myself. :-)

Suldog said...

Yes, "playing" is always the number one priority on any smart man's list. You obviously are.

Jules~ said...

good morning to you. You step on a flower? No I don't believe it. You cherish God's creation too much. But the funny thought of you doing it makes me smile.
I am sorry you have such a list rolling thru your head. I bet the kids can help out with some things. Even if them helping takes more time....there are memories created with the being together.

Blessings to you today.

Shiloh Guy said...

I'm just so happy for you guys that the signs of Spring are popping up finally! Do you know what those signs mean for a pastor? Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and lots of details to work out! I have my preaching topics chosen but I'm scared to death I'm forgetting some detail that will be very important to someone!

Craver Vii said...

Suldog, you shoulda seen my son's rosy cheeks last night from running around. As for me, I fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way.

You're so right, Jules. It would be best to engage the kids in those activities with me to a point. Enough to create good memories, but not so much that I wind up ringing their necks. Er, I mean sending them back indoors. But seriously, I wouldn't trade my list of tasks with the old days of apartment renting. It's so worth it!

I'm glad you mentioned that, Shiloh Guy. We should each be praying for our pastors regularly, but especially during these important seasons. I will also be praying for pastor friends such as yourself and "Even So."