Friday, March 27, 2009

remembering Judge Lore

In 2005, I went with a handful of people from my church to visit the Philippines and Japan, and to lend a hand to those churches in any way they saw fit. We were greeted at the Manila airport by the Honorable, Judge Lorenzo Veneracion and a welcoming committee. They hung a banner just past customs, saying "mabuhay" (welcome). We were treated to exceptional hospitality from the poorest people we've ever known. They were rich in the Fruit of the Spirit, and in prayer and servanthood. That trip moved me profoundly and this man was a big part of the whole experience. The picture above was taken outside of the Lighthouse Mission in Quezon City. Judge Lore (pronounced loree) is next to the "W" in "Welcome."


Judge Lore housed us at the school and soup kitchen he established for the poor children of Quezon City. He arranged for transportation to see all kinds of work that was being done on the island of Laguna, and even a tour of the garbage village outside of Manila. His program for us included appointing us as ambassadors, that we might have more lasting opportunities to continue the work that was done while we were there.


I learned today, that at the age of 74, he was called to be with the Lord. I hope that his work has inspired and paved the way for others to carry on the acts of compassion that he so craved. May God comfort all of those who mourn in his family as well as those friends and co-laborers who grieve at the loss of this honorable servant of the Lord.


He was a selfless man of action, always doing things for other people. It is hard to find people like that. I think it's safe to say that he cared because God cares, and Jesus' example is what kept him going.


lime said...

thank you for sharing your memories of a fine brother. may he rest in peace and may his friends and family be comforted by the hope they have.

Anonymous said...

a wonderful rememberance.

Shiloh Guy said...

He was an example of what it means to be the "hands and feet of Jesus." May we learn to be disciples of that kind!

mommanator said...

bless him and all his wonderful works, I am so happy someone else has returned to GOD!

Anonymous said...

he will surely be missed. CSEA will really remember all the thoughts he left behind. For all believers, let's rejoice for he's come home with the Lord.