Monday, March 30, 2009

stomach in, chest out

When yours truly graduated high school he weighed sixty pounds less than today. From the photo, we can probably guess that it would be even more if I had a decent haircut. A sixty pound variance is not a big deal... if you're nine feet tall. As it happens, I am only average height. Barely.


While loading recent photos, I was doing some post editing. Standard fixes. One person had something on their face, part of a picture frame was erased to make the background simpler, a smudge needed to be removed from a shirt... and my belly needed to be pushed back a few inches. Wait a minute! Since when is a virtual tummy tuck standard?!


The next day I stood to wait for something, and as my body went at ease, I discovered that I had interlocked fingers resting high on my belly... while standing! I can't recall anyone except pregnant women standing like that. We're talking about late in the third trimester, by the way.


It's not that I'm not in shape... round is a shape.


It is time to declare war on my pudginess. I have no delusions about returning to the body I had at 18, but I look at it this way. Imaging carrying a 30 pound bag of sand all day. If you could lay that useless burden aside, wouldn't you? That's what I'm going to do.


Speaking of youthful bodies... check out my impressive physique from 1966...


Anonymous said...

fun to see the photos!

lime said...

awww, both of the pictures are great. what a terrific smile.

and i have expanded considerably from high school days too. ugh.

donsands said...

"It's not that I'm not in shape... round is a shape.."

Craver, I love your maturity brother.

Thanks for sharing. May the lord bless you, and grant you your request. Amen.

Suldog said...

I know the feeling. I weighed 140 in high school. I was a 5'10" beanpole. I have recently peaked at just under 200.

Here's my best tip: Drop dairy and flour completely for a while. I do that for Lent almost every year, and I regularly drop 10-12 pounds. I'm at 186 right now, down from 195 at the start about a month ago.

Good luck.

Shammickite said...

Gorgeous! What a fine figure of a man! And that hair... WOW! Don't you wish you had at least half of it left???

Craver Vii said...

nAncY, I got a whole bunch of old photos when I visited my mom & dad. We had a season of hearty laughter over some of these.

Thanks Lime. Most people I know today have not seen me without my 'stache. The Larry Howard baby doo cracks me up.

Donsands, two point four pounds so far. Not a big start, but I'm moving in the right direction. I appreciate your support.

Drop dairy Suldog? That first part should not be too difficult, since I'm lactose intolerant. But flour?!! I thought we were buds, Man! I have an accountability partner, and we're doing Weight Watchers.

Aww shucks Shammickite. Pshaaa (blushing) but no. I don't wish I had that much hair. That was waaaaay too much. I'm quite happy now with a more manageable mane. I just comb it and go. None of that blow-drying and styling nonsense I used to do.

mommanator said...

ah you were a cute tyke!
ya know I lost a bunch of weight a few yrs back-with help! The other day I had trouble lifting a bag of luggage weighed about 50 pounds- I probly would not be able to walk my dog if I still carried that over 100 pounds

Brother Greg said...

"Round is a shape"........ha ha ha ha. Nice 'do. No lamb chops, though.....that seems inapropriate for the times, Juan Epstien.

Maalie said...

I wish you a happy weekend Craver vii. Isn't there a wedding somewhere?

imac said...

Its caused by that word my friend

Craver Vii said...

Sorry for not posting more frequently lately. Lots of stuff going on. Busy, busy, busy!

Good health to you, Mommanator. Thanks for the comment.

Oh Brother Greg, Juan Epstein has been a nickname for both my dad AND myself! The Sweathogs' Puerto Rican Jew from Welcome Back Kotter. What a fun show that was!

Sir Maalie, I hope my suit still fits! I'm looking forward to attending. The reception is only one mile from my home. I hope Susan's shoulder pain doesn't dampen the occasion for her.

So true Imac! These are the adverse side effects of longevity. Two sides to every coin, right?

preacherman said...

Cool photos.
Thanks for sharing them with us.
I always love visiting your blog when I get a chance.
I hope you have a great weekend brother. God bless! :-)

Denise said...

Love these old photos of yours. I'm not too far of 60 now and I have come to the realization that I will no longer get back to the svelte like me of my youth, but I never give up trying. Good luck on losing the pounds.

Wendy said...

Love your pic in l966! I came here because I liked your comment about Queen on Shammickite's blog. I also, think I'd be escorted out of a show for singing along. LOL!