Monday, May 11, 2009

hue and eye

Can you imagine trying to describe the world of color to a person who lives in black-and-white?


Or explain lilacs' soft perfume to one who's nose will not distinguish fragrances? A newly mowed lawn has a subtle, sweet aroma that is a little like cucumber, I think. (Inhaling deeply) I want to stay outside as long as the fresh scent lingers.


When the other party does not share your perspective, it can be frustrating for both. Why bother trying? What if I'm wrong? We're only human, after all... that is little comfort, isn't it? Well, if I believe the message is important or relevant, I must make the effort. It might mean a headache for one or both of us, but I care, and my conscience will not allow me to observe passively.


Those sunstreaks are golden, but almost white at their center. The leaves are a healthy, kelly green. The lilacs...


Shammickite said...

My DIL has no sense of smell. I have tried to explain different aromas to her, but it's so hard to do.
When the new baby arrives (only 10 days now!), I hope she'll be able to tell when there's a need for a clean diaper!

lime said...

i suppose it's part of why god chose to communicate via his son. how can we grasp the eternal and invisible when our minds are so finite.

donsands said...

The lilacs are the best. I have a huge Lilac bush next to my back gate to my house, and each evening when I come home, as I step from my pickup, the air is already full of the aroma.
But sad tidings. They have diminished, or lost their blossoms, or how do you say that.

I'm not into flowers per se. But I really dig flowers.

Craver Vii said...

Poor gal, Shammy. I wonder how it affects how she cooks and tastes. On the bright side, she might not be as picky as others. I'm curious to know more about that.

Good insight, Lime. Unfortunately, some take anthropomorphic language too far, and God is imagined to be just like us, only bigger. Plus, the attributes of God are not appreciated for being as great as they really are. For example, some people focus on Jesus' humility and do not see his holy wrath. I am grateful that the Holy Spirit is active in bringing God's people to a better understanding of things our finite minds are naturally incapable of.

You know what, Sandman? I like flowers. I'm not saying that I would like to have flowery print covering everything around me, but real men can truly appreciate beautiful things, right?

imac said...

As you say my friend, we are only human, but thats great in B/W, I can only think and imagine that in colour would be as good, but my mind says it was.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your prayer

mommanator said...

I am so glad God has given me a great sense of smell and sight And blessed us with so many fragrances

donsands said...

"..real men can truly appreciate beautiful things, right?"

Absolutely positively my brother. I used to watch "The Victory Garden" every Saturday on PBS, until they took it off. I loved the English horteculturalist walking about the various gardens and expalining all about the multitudes of flowers God has made.

I dig flowers and stuff like that there.

Craver Vii said...

Thanks, Imac. I chose that shot to strip of its color, because I figured that most people would have a mental picture of what colors were missing, but it also triggered memories of a strong but sweet aroma.

It's the least I could do, nAncY.

Yes Mommanator. Usually, I'm glad for a good sense of smell. Usually. :-)

When you said, "Absolutely positively" Sandman, it reminded me of the word "indubitubly." I used to hear that word when I was younger. Is that even a real word?

donsands said...

"Is that even a real word?"


Anonymous said...

Did you know that the lilacs don't smell here in GA? There's something missing in the soil that they don't get down here. I miss that.

But by the same token your honeysuckle doesn't smell anything like it does down here. You should come or *stop by* sometime and smell them yourself. ;o)