Tuesday, June 09, 2009

clepto clickery

I wonder how paid wedding photographers deal with other people taking pictures while they are on the job. This guy didn't seem to mind it. I wanted to capture a photo of the photographer, and so I approached them. He assumed I wanted to take a picture of the couple as he posed them, and told me it was okay. No; I just wanted his permission to take a picture of him taking a picture of them.


I could not presume to interfere with this person's work and snap a shot that he hopes to sell. That smacks of thievery to me. Any thoughts from you on this?


On the other hand, I am not at all opposed to the wedding guests bringing their own cameras to click away at whatever else captures their attention. After all, we use this time to catch up with friends and relatives who we might not have seen in a while. Those mini reunions may merit a megabyte here and there, but can't expect to be included in the formal wedding album.


Shammickite said...

When YoungerSon and the Bride were married in 2007, I took lots of photos of posed groups and the photographer was quite happy, I also took pics of him taking pics. And the bridal couple ordered lots and lots of his "official" photos, so he didn't miss out on any business.

Anonymous said...

it is nice when people other than the hired photographer takes candid shots of the couple. it is a different and more personal feel and usually the couple like to have those as well. little precious candid moments.

mommanator said...

To me it's not theivery, its a complememt, thta someone wants to capture your artistry! your pic prob wont be the same as the photographer! they use different cameras and can touchup etc when completed!

Craver Vii said...

Thanks so much for these comments. You can be sure that if I was doing a wedding, I would not have a problem with you taking pictures.

I still would like to get some feedback from a wedding photographer, but I don't think I (personally) know of any in the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Hey Craver -
I'm doing wedding photography these days, and I can lend a little insight from that perspective.

In no way do I mind others taking photographs - I love the element that adds for the bride and groom, to see it from their attendee's perspective. When taking formal photographs, it sometimes gets tricky because of someone's flash or people looking at the wrong camera. But for the most part people are very respectful, and it doesn't present a problem.

However, with photo enthusiasts and the number of people owning SLRs on the rise these days, we do run into at least a few weddings where a guest seems to think that he or she is in competition with us . . . and that is annoying. Especially when he (or she) is so focused on getting his shot that he is completely unaware that he's stepping right into mine. I've recently been surprised at a wedding when someone with a camera actually said "Excuse me" in an effort to move me out of his way so he could take a picture!

So, snap away! Just try to be mindful of where the photographer is in order to not interfere with him/her doing the job he was hired to do.

Anonymous said...

Your youngest brother was a wedding photographer. I, another brother of yours, am a videographer. It is not stealing if no rules are set. The bride and groom would have to stipulate no pics other than the paid dude. Otherwise it's up for grabs, like it or not. Paid dude should have right of way, but he DOES NOT.

No rules = No stealing.

fishing guy said...

Craver: What a very neat capture. I do hope you sent this to the bride and groom.