Monday, June 08, 2009

wit and without

Few men can match the intellect and discernment of Dr. Erwin Lutzer. If you have never heard him speak, you are missing out; mmm... let me tell you! His books are well worth the read. One time I bought a whole case for giving away, they're that good! Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust The Bible was the topic of one of his talks. Man, if you like to hear a gifted speaker, you must catch this man on the radio. I have had the privilege of seeing him live more than once, and he never disappoints.


Okay, that's the "wit." What's the "without?" ...I am. Dr. Lutzer colored his speech with a couple of jokes, and though I tried, I just couldn't generate the enthusiastic guffaws he invoked at the live event. It was almost funnier that I messed up so badly, and that I kept looking for opportunities to retell the jokes, even after bombing repeatedly.


Here's one: He said "I'm from Moody church in Chicago. Show of hands: how many of you nave never been to Moody church? Well you know, you don't have to go to that church to get to heaven... but why take the chance?"

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donsands said...

Lutzer is one of great preachers. he speaks the Scriptures with authority and passion in humility.

I don't listen to him that much, but he is a God gifted preacher of the Word.

how is your body healing up Craver?