Monday, July 06, 2009

enjoying one another

Sunday's message was about the "one another" passages from Scripture. In good keeping with the theme, some of us got together ...with one another and shared a meal. In truth, the meal was planned before we heard the message, but don't hold that against us. ;-)


A new charcoal grill and an old (refurbished) gas grill side-by-side provided an easy way to control cooking temperatures, appealing sear marks, and smokey flavor. To anybody who didn't know any better, it probably looked like I knew what I was doing. The food turned out better than anything I have grilled before. That is to say, our guests at hamburgers and chicken breasts, not hockey pucks and burnt offerings. It was nice to keep the heat (from cooking) outside, and my wife could sit in the cool living room, visiting instead of working.


Most of all, it was a treat to spend time with people we love. If you've never done so, I'd highly recommend checking out the 50+ passages where God's Word instructs us on how to treat "one another."


imac said...

Glad you enjoyed yourselves Craver.

Denise said...

Looked like a really nice gathering of family and friends. Nothing like a backyard barbecue either, you've made me hungry ;)

Sharon said...

Always good to be reminded :) Looks like a great day.

Craver Vii said...

Meals and special friends go together like nothing else, Imac. It would make my day if one day you and I could sit down with an ice-cold pint and something off the grill.

So right, Denise. Most of the time, I'm looking for pictures without people, but I was glad to catch this bunch on the back deck. What shall I grill up for you, M'lady?

How come my kids never use that phrase, Sharon? "Dad, you've told that joke a hundred times... but it's always good to be reminded." Oh well, we all had a good time despite the inevitable repetition of a few favorite anecdotes.

mommanator said...

Sounds wonderful to treat as you retreat!
I am sure the party was a treet to all! I can hear the laughter & joking in my minds ear!
How lovely the wife got to enjoy too!

lime said...

ah, not sure i've heard that theme in a message before but i like the idea of it.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: Sorry I missed the gathering, my invatation must have gotten lost in the mail.