Wednesday, October 07, 2009


The camera provides more fun than any other toy I've ever had! Sometimes I try to take pictures as a purist, for realism, and sometimes I look for a way to be creative. Despite the unusual hues, this shot is SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera). It is absolutely untouched by post-editing.


The big, outside property lights at church were close enough to this tree to give strong light, and they give off an interesting color. I took the pic at 9PM. If I remember correctly, the sun had just gone down. That is taking place faster and faster these days, eh?


The pic was taken, using the camera's twilight setting and a tripod. It was only a little cool but very breezy. Soon, the days (and nights) will be most ideal for casual strolls, taking the scenic route, and then coming home to something warm to drink. When I take those walks, you can be sure I'll have the camera slung over my shoulder!!


Martin Stickland said...

I love this shot, well done, the colours (that's colors to you my friend) are great.

Sorry have not blogged for a while must must get back in to it.

I appreciate the nudge

Cheers my friend!

Darla said...

Beautiful capture! I never doctor my photos other than cropping once in awhile. Thanks for visiting my blog and I do enjoy Tom's game..

donsands said...

Nice. A full moon is a cool thing to see. It's amazing how it just sits up there in the sky, isn't it?

Shammickite said...

At first glance the tree could be seaweed! But not with the moon up there in the sky.

Craver Vii said...

Thanks for translating, Martin; I almost missed it.
Nudge?! Moi??? Yeah right--Humpty Dumpty was pushed, and all that. There's no conspiracy here, but have your lawyer call my lawyer and we'll see if we can get this nudge thing straightened out.

I find it difficult not to play with Picasa's editing tools, but the ultimate goal for me in post-editing is to compensate for problems and restore realism. Occasionally, I find a picture that really needs some kind of augmentation, but unless it's minor blemish removal, I try to state it up front. Darla, it's so nice of you to drop by. Welcome!! Oh, and I like the "Blog With Integrity info that I found through your blog.

Sandman, I love to ponder that illusion as well... how it just seems to float motionless from this perspective.

Shammy, that night I tried a shot with flash as well, so I could stop the motion of the pine branches, but ended up liking this one better for the saturation of color.

Wendy said...

Ok, so my reaction to this photo was a very loud gasp. One word: PERFECT! It's absolutely stunning, you're truly talented! And thank you so so so much for sharing all the details on how you shot this photo. Brilliant :)

EG CameraGirl said...

Some shots do look like they've been played with when they haven't. I enjoy editing some of my photos...but sometimes I'm surprised when someone thinks I have but haven't. Does that make sense? Maybe I should get a good night's sleep, LOL.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

It is a lovely shot Craver. Even in winter there are still great shots to be taken so remember the camera.

Gaelyn said...

Excellent capture. I never seem to remember my tripod for moon shots and just get jiggle. I don't know how to do much more than "auto adjust" to tweak photos, or maybe the transformations into paintings and such. Can be fun to play with.
Also like your ladybug on the "beach". Funny my truck hood looks like that too. Ford's "better idea" about paint.
Have seen your great comments on Joan's site so had to come check out your blog. I'll be back.
I grew up in Downers Grove and went to South HS.

Craver Vii said...

Thank you Leeloo's Mum! So glad you liked it. I wouldn't normally post blurry pine needles, but now I'm glad I did.

EG, I don't have the same photo editing software you do, and last night my head was caught up in a daydream about that layering thing you've been doing with your pics. Pretty much anything you've posted is suitable for framing. You're an artist. I appreciate the beauty you bring to the blogosphere.

Sometimes it can be challenging Joan, but it's not impossible. Discovering your blog has been a special treat. I look forward to learning more from you.

Downer's Grove, Gaelyn? Excellent! I drive through there every day. What a pleasant town! Thank you so much for dropping by. Keep that tripod in your car and start a pot of coffee; I'm coming over (to your blog). :-D

Jennwith2ns said...

Okay, so I have a hunch . . . that the reason I have not commented on your blog in SOOOO LOONNGG is that I'm jealous of your camera and photographic ability, but too lazy to improve mine. Every time I see your photos, I feel a pang of regret . . . but this one was just too awesome to let pass. Awesome job, Craver!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: Beautiful capture of the moonlit sky.

lime said...

wild! i would not have believed this wasn't altered if yo uhadn't told me.