Monday, December 07, 2009

one drop tells a story

There is a new weekly assignment that I want to try. It is called storyboards. You tell a story in three photographs. I like the idea. I chose to tell the story of a drop. Today's administrator offered a tip about using a tool called Mosaic Maker. I tried it. I like it.


About our subject: It was not easy to get the right models for this project. Unfortunately, I do not have continuous shooting with my old camera, so we had to interview dozens of prospects before finding just the right ones. What's that you say? All drops look the same to you? Please, that's not a very sensitive remark... a drop might take offense to that!


(The guy from Steve's Digicams is not me. Back in the year 2000, he did a nice job reviewing the kind of camera that I now own.)


donsands said...

That's a nice drop. Some drops can be reall "drips" though.

You is a talented camera man Craver.

Gaelyn said...

Take it from a drip, no two drops are alike. It's obvious these drops are only related, nice interviewing. Craver, this is an awesome mosaic!

BTW, I've lost count of all the drops fallen today, mixed with a little sleet. Maybe snow tonight.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: A drop is a drop of course of course. Really neat photos.

mommanator said...

nice pics. Have ya ever seen the program that shows everything in slow motion & magnified. I'll have to look what its called, fascinating, your pic reminded me of it

Wendy said...

Craver, I like, I like! You're very talented you know! Taking pictures of dripping drops (hehe) would be hard. I took a photo of a raindrop over the weekend, but it wasn't dripping, it was hanging on I guess, hehe.
You seem to be experimenting alot lately. Have you done more photoshoots with people? :)

Craver Vii said...

Well Sandman, I'd say I'm driven, and hopefully teachable. I like some of the scenic landscapes you've posted.

(Folks, if you're curious to know what I think about theology, you can read just about anything from Don Sands.)

Gaelyn, I hope your commuting is easier than mine was this morning. We have slippery snow slowing things down a lot.

Of course, of course, Fishing Guy. I guessed quick on your blog today, but I have never seen a white snow blower, so I'm having second thoughts.

No, I have not, Mommanator. I would very much like to see such a thing. I have seen some of the old Moody Science Videos. They did a remarkable job with available technology back then.

Actually Leeloo, it may be easier than you think. If you like, here is where I learned it.

I have only done a little bit more with people. I saw someone else taking pictures at church yesterday, and secretly wished they had asked me. I need to settle down and get a grip, huh?

imac said...

Whats this my friend, didnt you know I have copyright on

I bet you had fun too.

lime said...

those sorts of shots amaze me because of the timing required to cpature them. nicely done!