Wednesday, December 09, 2009

people pics

This boy makes a good subject. (I have his dad's permission to post the pic.) I know that the photographer is supposed to make the subject feel comfortable, but it was the opposite with him. I asked, "would you stand by that tree? on the other side? come out a little more. now step back just a smidge... He let me tell him how I wanted him to stand on a nearby fence, and let me take several photos with the sun behind him, as I messed around with the flash. He was so accomodating, and put me at ease from the start. When I looked at this picture, I got to feeling pretty competent.


Ha! Then I asked a visiting telecommuter if I could take her picture. She said yes, but I felt sooooo uncomfortable. I don't know why, but the creep-o-meter was off the scales. My confidence waned to zero. (I don't know why--it didn't make any sense.) She asked what I was going to use the picture for, and I didn't have the heart to tell her, "probably nothing, because most of what I take is thrown away." The LCD screen was dark, but I didn't want to take any more time to fix the lighting, so I told them (2 coworkers) thanks, and crawled back into the hole that is my cubicle. That is all.


Gaelyn said...

Craver, what's the worse case scenario here? Just be honest with your subjects from the get go. If they don't already know of your interest in portrait photography share it with the. People like to talk about themselves. Loosen up. It's obvious that when you do, the results are great like the boy with the wonderful smile leaning around the tree. You have talent, don't fear it. Go for it!
Oops, didn't mean to lecture. Well, yes I didn. ;-)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: What a neat photo.

Leeloo said...

what do you mean, most of what you take you throw away?!

I really like the picture of the boy. Keep it up, maybe someday you'll have your own studio :) Is that something that would interest you?

lime said...

aw, ya win some and ya loose some. they are all part of a learning process.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

This model deserves a star. He's very good to follow directions.

Creep-o-meter? I like that! The pointer on mine (Yes, I HAVE one I just didn't know what it was called) is always pointing as far as it can go to the right. ;-)

Craver Vii said...

Honesty is the best policy, Gaelyn. Maybe in trying to cover up the tension, I made it worse.

This is my youngest of four kids Fishing Guy.

That's the beauty of digital images, Leeloo. I don't have a limit to how many images on a roll; I don't need to justify the cost of trying one hundred exposures instead of half-a-dozen. Blurry? Toss it. Poor exposure? Garbage. Complicated or distracting background? I don't really need to keep that, either; I can always take more.

Hmm... I don't know. I never thought of studio work. Maybe.

So true, Lime. So true.

It's sort of like dancing, EG. (Not that I do a lot of that.) Some dancing partners are easy to lead... as if they can read your mind. Other times, it's better just to stand around the perimeter, supporting the wall.

"Creep-o-meter." (lol)

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

The trials and tribulations of taking someones picture are a pain so I stick to wonderful, tiny little insects which do not give me grief. LOL!!

That picture is a beautiful one my friend. You sure have captured a wonderful moment there.

Hope you are going well and behaving? :)

Craver Vii said...

Behaving??? Shucks Joan, why should I start now?!!!

Louise said...

I hate taking people pictures unless it's my kids. I totally freeze.