Friday, February 12, 2010

not big

Zacchaeus was a wee little man. Shorter still was Nehemiah (knee-high-miah). But who was the shortest man in the Bible? That must have been Bildad the Shuhite (shoe-height).


John the Baptist may not have been the smallest, but had a favorable disposition to shrinking. Of Jesus, he said "He must increase, but I must decrease [Jn. 3:30]." King Herod helped John take a few inches off the top [Mt. 14: 1-10], but I think John's intention was less literal--more like the meek attitude that Jesus would later talk about [Luke 9: 46-48].


Admittedly, all of this is contrary to my own nature. I must constantly hold back the urge for self-promotion, and the natural inclination to build myself up for a pat on the back. (That's tricky stuff for a blogger!) It is manifested even in how I wish to have a contribution in every passing dialogue. If at first, it does not seem to be a dangerous flaw, remember that it was the sin of pride that led to Lucifer's demise. Meh, I'd say that makes it serious enough!


Right now, I am thinking that it is preferable to willingly pursue meekness and humility, rather than having it served to me through chastising or circumstances. Chances are pretty slim that I will end up like John the Baptist anyway, right?


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: I don't know about that. His main job was to spread the good news. You want to also do that my friend.

Chris said...


Gaelyn said...

Craver, I didn't realize you are one of the little people. Your secret is out.

imac said...

Craver and his catapult.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Nothing small about you my friend. You have a largeness of heart and spirit which is wonderful!! Don't be afraid to pat yourself on the back, it does wonders for the soul!!

Craver Vii said...

I hear what you're saying Fishing Guy, and thanks for the email clarification. That was helpful.

Good to see you, Chris! I'm glad you liked it.

Yeah Gaelyn; can you imagine little o'l me trying to work with a tripod?

Catapult?!! Oh Imac, I'm afraid of catapults. If I do not get a concussion from the launch, then the landing would certainly be my demise.

Ah, but Joan... our bodies are designed so that it is easier to give another person a pat on the back, and not so much for our own selves. I believe that was done on purpose. Thank you dear friend for being an encourager!

Anonymous said...

good day, craver :-)

lime said...

excellent rumination with an amusing picture.

thanks or the gentle reminder.