Monday, January 03, 2011

of quests and cardboard

Our friend Imac accepted my response to his invitation for adventurers to join a quest. The mission is to solve puzzles and the last person standing rescues the fair maiden. We are Viking-type characters.


If you have not been to Imac's site, you are missing a real treat. He has a great sense of humor, treats his guests nice, and has amazing photos.


This would be a good opportunity then, to display the cardboard shield and battle axe I use with my younger son. He made his own shield, and uses a foam sword. We have somehow managed to horse around without breaking anything (or each other). The second pic shows the comfortable grips and adjustable arm strap. The first shield I made was more complicated, messy, and less comfortable.


Except for the leather arm strap with Velcro, they're both just cardboard and tape. The axe turned out to be more dangerous than I expected. I have to pull back a lot, or something will get busted. But when I swing that heavy thing on to my son's shield, it's pretty cool!


Gaelyn said...

You fit the part of knight very well Craver. I like your shield but you better be careful with that big axe.

Hope you enjoyed the holidays.

mommanator said...

sounds like fun to me, your son and my grandsons and mat I say granddaughters would love getting into the 'fight!

Happyone :-) said...

Sounds like a fun time. :-)

George said...

Somehow I think you enjoy this as much (if not more) than your son does. I must say you would make a great Viking.

flutietootie said...

His sense of humor is very well shown in the image you posted. I bet his blog is a funny one.

Nabeel's Cosmos said...

Oh wow, your cardboard cut out is awesome. I am sure it took a lot of work and dedication to make these, but they seem perfect, even your expression :)

Chris said...

Excellent... I've disguised myself recently as you can see on the blog of my wife Val, called Pause photo ;-) I found it very funny!

lime said...

ohmigosh, that picture makes me giggle! i can see the impish look in your eye and TOTALLY see the two of you bashing each other around until mrs. craver shouts for you two to pipe down already!

donsands said...

Excellent. Very talented indeed.

There's something about knights and chivalry that stirs up the hearts of men, and boys.

Craver Vii said...

That's wise to exercise caution Gaelyn. One of the neighbor kids smacked me with that axe and it hurts.

Oh yeah! Mommanator, we've made three shields so far, and we have three-way fights with Nerf swords. I like it better than the plastic light sabers. (The only exception being the illuminated light sabers out on the front lawn in warmer weather.)

Yup Happyone, and I think the kids liked it too. ;-)

Craver the Red. I like the sound of that, George.

It is, Flutietootie. If you haven't seen it yet, give yourself a treat, and check it out.

Craver Vii said...

You're too kind. Dedication would have been to cover them in paper mache and then several layers of paint. Nabeel, I was so lazy that instead of painting it, I used some colored plastic table covering, and then I printed the dragon from the internet.

Chris, I found it! I want to make a shield like that, too. I think it's called a buckler. I am not ready to start making helmets, though. That was neat to see. I will have to look again at Val's blog. I didn't know she takes pictures, too.

Fortunately Lime, we haven't gotten in trouble yet. It's tricky to get that impish look while waiting for the timer. It was a self-portrait.

Sandman, I am so glad that my son and I have things we can connect on, like this.

Teacher's Pet said...

Looks like that you and your son are having a great time. That makes me smile.

RuneE said...

With that equipment you just have to win the quest and find the Lady :-)

Teacher's Pet said...

Craver...I e-mailed you.
Smiles from Jackie at Teacher's Pet

Eddie Bluelights said...

Hi Fellow rescuer of the Fair Maiden, whoever she is LOL. My you look a ferocious knight with all that armour and your axe.

Nice blog you have here - please to meet you.

Eddie, knight of the 'square table'

Shammickite said...

You're looking pretty mean in the top picture Mr Craver.

Craver Vii said...

Jackie, I hope he enjoys being my son as much as I enjoy being his dad. Thanks for that email.

I know that the quest will be fun regardless of who wins RuneE. But if we come up against cardboard foes, they better beware!

Me, ferocious? Yeah Eddie, I get that a lot. (lol)

It's easy, Shammy. To get a really mean look, I try to mentally solve a math problem. Grrr... ;-)

imac said...

Well, Laser Craver, you really look the part.

Im sure your son is enjoying and really pleased that his dad is taking time to fool around, this sure gives pleasure.

imac said...

Ho, forgot, be carefull or that Insanity will spill over into your blog,lol.

Lew said...

Well played in the quest for the sleeping Lady! My kids enjoyed the Renaissance fairs when they were young (30 years ago!), but my oldest son still goes off ever now and then to fight the Battle of Hastings or some other event. He has made chain mail battle armor.